elephant’s First (offensive but meaningful) Commercial! {Video}

Via elephant journal
on Jun 12, 2013
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Our first (offensive but meaningful) commercial!

“Wishes can’t save the planet.”

It’s no secret. Happy thoughts might make us happy, for a second…but we actually have to extend ourselves to others and our planet to make a difference.

Wishes won’t make it so. Wishful thinking? Try slactivism.

Wasn’t our idea or budget, a bunch of artists made this, but couldn’t get any corporation to use it…understandably. We, however, are happy to offend defense of Mother Nature!

Via our longtime partners in crime at TDA and some talented, trouble-making artistes. Watch & enjoy—that’s an order. And if you dig it, share it. Pretty please with “let’s change the world & ourselves along the way for the better” on top. ~ ed.

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8 Responses to “elephant’s First (offensive but meaningful) Commercial! {Video}”

  1. Jacinta says:

    Yeah um. Respectfully no this would not make me interested in EJ. In fact makes me a bit alarmed. Have there been any focus groups, to get an idea of the images that people imagine when they think of EJ?

    Anyway, it’s too violent in my opinion. I’d love to see a real elephant. Perhaps you could have that real elephant enter into an animation of some of the EJ topics… Yoga, Home, Spirituality etc….

    Just sharing a more tame, but wild thought 🙂

    Good luck … Happy to give more detail, or share any more brainstorming… But hope this idea contributes somehow.

  2. elephantjournal says:

    elephantjournal.com PS: this was donated by a bunch of artists, elephant doesn't have a budget, they wanted to find a site not afraid of controversy, humor, bold points. I loved it, personally. We don't however require folks to agree with us, that's part of the ethos of this site, it's about dialogue not just one pov, so you're welcome to criticize all you like!

    Suzanne Willett I love you guys, but don't get offended if you ask for feedback and don't like what you hear.

    elephantjournal.com You've been thoughtful and eloquent in your criticism. I didn't create or commission the video, artists did, but I do love it. They couldn't find a corporation willing to share this, so they thought of us, since we're happy to dance on the razor's edge in service of the greater good. We're criticized every day! Thanks for being so thoughtful about it.

    I do however think it's…interesting…that so many of our readers have a Manduka mat where their sense of humor should be. Religion and spirituality and wellness and all that we hold dear is not to be held too tightly or seriously. And if this video reaches those not in the choir, jolly good. If it offends those of us who are perhaps a bit self-serious, svaha.

    NeitherThis NorThat Hey, hey!!!! If you're gonna stick a mat in your ass, let it be a Jade. Namaste.

    elephantjournal.com I was trying to think of the biggest widest mat…either way, if sticking mats up arses, go green!

    elephantjournal.com If you have to explain humor…you're talking to the wrong people. Our next ad will have very serious rainbows and flowers and happiness, and not make any simple yet profound point.

    Jennifer White ha! honestly…

    Tara Lemieux I absolutely freaking love it… with every little sparkly cell of my being

    Aaron Milstein i mean, i get that elephant isn't afraid to poke fun at itself and approach topics often handled too seriously in other forums with some irreverence and lightness. but someone who doesn't know anything about elephant wouldn't walk away from it thinking, "this is where i will now go for some cool articles on yoga and meditation and philosophy and diet." they'll just be like, "wait, what? wishing for stuff is bad? rainbow destroy?"

    BluJay Hawk The messaging leaves your audience with a feeling of Violence that's taken from the innocence of a child's birthday wish. If that's your type of humor, more power to ya! Just know that for most of us, it wasn't funny, smart, inspirational or even CLEAR on WTH EJ is. If that works for ya, again – go for it.

    Suzanne Willett I agree with Aaron Milstein. This video does nothing for the EJ brand, and doesn't at all show what you're about. I hate to say, but fire the marketing person who sold this concept and start over. I want to see you succeed!

    Suzanne Willett Sorry, guys, not a fan. At all.

    BluJay Hawk sorry, I did not rock it at all.

    Olli Savolainen The implementation is stylish and emotion-eliciting. I kinda got the point – though not sure it is aligned with your actual content – but with my non-native ear I could not make out the exact words the girl says in the beginning. Subtitles?

    Judy Ruth It is definitely attention-getting, but has the downside of seeming to mock the innocence of children (who may be watching? – sad to imagine). Also, since the only thing new people will know about you from this is that you desire to change the world, and since rainbows are involved, consider whether there could be some really negative and confusing associations with gay rights activism. Humor doesn't have to be harsh or shocking–and while I do see the humor in this, even the dark humor of the mother who just praised the daughter's wish turning on her immediately with a "what have you done!"– I much prefer sillier, warm-hearted humor myself, especially as an introduction.

    Brittani Nicole I don't think anyone was offended. Mostly just didn't see where it made sense.

    Brittani Nicole I thought the same thing. Why wouldn't the rainbow attack the pollution.

    NeitherThis NorThat Hope you didn't spend a lot of money on this. If anything, the rainbow should have been attacking the pollution like the girl's wish to show the fantastical notion of mere wishing for things to change, but instead it's wreaking havoc (?) and reminding me of 9-11 . P.S. I actually don't believe we *can* save the planet, but that won't stop me from being crunchy, green, and granola. I mean, this ship is sinking, albeit slowly, but that doesn't mean we can't share, conserve, live simply, and get along with other beings until THE END.

    Gabe Marihugh Love it.

    Jeremy Seibold love it.

    Brittani Nicole I'm not sure the point. Why is the rainbow attacking? Just not getting the point. Love EJ but not this.

  3. kris says:

    II don’t think anyone was offended. No one has to be offended. I kind of like it actually. “Wishes can’t save the planet. You can.” Yes, we can save the planet let’s make be responsible and make a difference. We are in-charge of the entire creation and we ought to take good care of it. Listen to the voice of creation; listen to the voice of truth. We are kin to one another therefore we must be united because if worst comes to worst we are the ones to suffer after all.

  4. Jeanne Eisenhaure says:

    Love it!

  5. Beneteau323 says:

    Great message and a clever way of making a point. Sadly there isn't enough creativity like this in the standard commercial market. Whoever put this together is one talented person.

  6. gdr23 says:

    Don't like it. Plays the fear card.

  7. Cat B says:

    This is a GREAT commercial. It definitely grabs your attention. This is coming from someone who likes those Cannes Lions commercials, though. I try to make it to see it every year at my local art gallery. (And this one should be included!)

  8. MakingSense says:

    Not offensive. Just a bit juvenile. Misses the mark. I used to work in advertising producing tv ads.
    It really doesn't in any way convey what you are about. Has nothing to do with not having sense of humor.
    It's just not well thought out. Good ads hit home. This was a foul ball. 🙂 And I am your demographic.