June 14, 2013

Here’s how your printer is ripping you off.

…not to mention, hurting our planet, and health. Not to mention, they’re pricing printers so cheaply (Made in China, anyone?) that it’s cheaper to buy a new one than get the old fixed.

Via Reddit comments: “And this is why I bought a LaserWriter 16/600 in the 90s and just recently an HP LaserJet. They last for DECADES, you can leave them off for months at a time and then print one page (and it works). Plus they do things like duplexing and print 20+ pages per minute. I will NEVER buy an inkjet.”


“The only thing you can do is run a printhead cleaning process every week or so. Or buy a laser printer.”

“The Dirty Little Secret Of Inkjet Printers”…This is where all your ink is going:

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