June 22, 2013

“If You Know Someone Who Doesn’t Believe Sexism Exists, Show Them This.” {Trigger warning}


“You can’t silence somebody when they have 25,000 voices behind them saying, ‘I believe you—and it’s happened to me too.’

When I was seventeen and traveling in Europe with a friend, a man got into our train compartment, placed a napkin over the crotch of his pants, and started masturbating.

Frozen in horror, I remember making myself as small as possible, and using my jean jacket as a shield. 

I wanted to disappear.

That’s the first memory that surfaces as I sit here on a rainy Saturday, trying to take myself back to each and every moment over my 38 years when I experienced sexual harassment.

The moments—comments, looks, touches, grabs, gropes—made me feel that shrinking myself down in size was the answer and, if I close my eyes, and settle into my body, I can feel the almost insurmountable shame that arises.

I could fill a book with my stories and I’m astounded at my urge to cry.

And scream. And rant. And rage.

Please let your voice be heard; share your story, share your truth.

(Are you scared? I am too—but if we don’t talk about it, then how will we know that we are not alone?)




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Ed: Bryonie Wise

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Kim Jun 24, 2013 6:25pm

I've suffered in silence through molestation by my grandfather, my brother bringing friends to look through a crack when I was showering, date rape and other endless everyday sexism situations.


Viv Jun 23, 2013 11:03am

Oh my goodness! I'm 72! The indignities that I suffered throughout my lifetime because of being a female and
beautiful are way to many to count! I was date raped, grouped, sexually verbally assaulted. Bosses offered
promotions and benefits for a sexual favors, (declined) then fired! I was grouped by a former boss and when
I reported him, I was fired! As a career women I have experienced every part of sexual harassment and then
some. I have been the envy of many women, but I will say this, "beauty is a cruse" it is not an asset. Beauty
can open many doors but some can be enormously ugly. As a parent and grandparent I have taught my child
to say NO and mean NO! As a grandparent I am teaching my grandchildren how to say NO and mean NO!

Shy boys and girls are BATE! Shy girls and boys grow up to be shy women and men they are BATE! Shy men and
women become the elderly and they are BATE!

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