June 4, 2013

Jyotish {Vedic} Horoscopes for the Week of 6.3.


Moon moves through Pisces, Aries, Taurus and into Gemini.

New Moon will be exalted in Taurus on 6.8 at 10:56 CDT in Mrgashiras nakshatra, ruled by Soma, the divine nectar (and also another name for the Moon). Mrgashiras is also ruled by the planet Mars. Sun, Moon and Mars will all be in Taurus at this time and the Moon will have just crossed over the Sun.

It will almost be in exact degrees with Sun at the time of the New Moon (23.58 degrees). Soli/Lunar energies will be highly connected with Mars at this time.

Emotions will be sensitive, Soma may feel “burned”, heat, passion, will be heightened, though all of this may be turned inward due to the nature of the New Moon.

Jupiter has newly entered Gemini (See my article on this transit) and gains strength this week as it moves to 2.12 degrees by the end of the week. This will help him offer some protection and more of his positive qualities. However, both Venus and Mercury are in Gemini with Jupiter currently- both in Ardra nakshatra this week.

Ardra, the Rudra/storm nakshatra, ruled by Rahu, can bring great movement, change and momentum as well as calamities, emotional upheaval and stress. Watch communications and relationships this week—especially with females. All three planets are also receiving drishti from Rahu currently. This can bring worldly offerings or confusion and shadowed energy with our awareness. A certain level of caution is advised. Watch the emotions this week and be especially aware of the mental/emotional bodies. Follow my daily Moon Mind posts for increased daily nakshatra/pranic/creative awareness.

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your “Western Sign” as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Aries: You seem to be making some headway in feeling more comfort and support, but the mind may be agitated regardless. Use the week for cultivating self-care, cleaning and clearing out the old and working on emotions. Getting physical (out of the mental/emotional bodies) will serve a high purpose this week. Pay special attention to children, education, father, wealth/income, communication and female friends. Be mindful of mental confusion and forgetfulness. Work with your hands, write, draw, create. There is much to be gained from hand/eye coordination.

Taurus: Your heart lights up this week with some new insights. Memories of your father are on your mind. Honor him and give him proper celebration. You may be having flashbacks from childhood and not sure why. Right now you are digesting old stories and experiences so make sure you are fully assimilating them, not by-passing their desires for attention. Use these stories and memories and connect them with your digestive processes. Talking, singing, sharing these memories are the crucial link to getting them to digest and allows for proper elimination. You are intimately working with the mouth (portal) and the stomach (portal) right now and these mind/body connections. Study Vishaka and Indragni for more insights.

Gemini: You and your relationships are amping up. Your creativity is beginning to shine- or is that you that is beginning to shine more creatively? Either way, you are preparing to share your skills with others. Keep the doubts, fears and worries to a minimum by getting out of the mental/emotional bodies and into the physical. Can you use the body as a tool to sharpen your creative edge? Your creative pulse? It will require deep listening and somatic awareness as well as diligent awareness of your pause button. Ready. Set. Go.

Cancer: Endings lead to new beginnings and your mind is finally making the connections it has needed to make for a long time. Congratulations. Now the rest of you has to catch up and get on board. Your mantra for the week is: cut loose. What needs cutting? What needs a carefree expression? What needs to end? There are a few relationships that need pruning, some heart-clogging emotions that need to be snipped, some career overhauls that need to be attended to. Do a personal audit and make a clean sweep of the old files on your hard drive. It’s never too late for spring cleaning. Use meditation to defrag your system as well as necessary alone time. No shortcuts.

Leo: Career pieces are coming together nicely and you are gaining awareness as a result. You may be getting extra support from friends and getting gains as well. Not too shabby. Just make sure you are going for high-level gains and experiences. Watch for miscommunications—especially with heart and mind. Give gratitude where gratitude is due—even if you don’t know where it is coming from. Use this time to shine—inside and out. Unlikely you will be able to have a quiet weekend, but at least do something with purpose. Use this time for creative expansion—especially with hand/eye coordination.

Virgo: An intense focus on career and offering is providing some fruits and possible expansion. Think in terms of unlimited growth, untapped potential and giving your dreams wings to fly. Use emotional creativity, the creative spark, your rich, inner awareness, to move mountains and reach for the stars. Work with father energy, gurus, dharma and lineage for clues this week. Continue to work towards comfort and support in all aspects of life. Move and sing. Better yet, dance and move while singing.

Libra: Be mindful of mental confusion and emotional storms. Take care of your father, guru, higher learning, dharma, artistic pursuits and take a leap of faith if necessary. Watch your words and feelings of anger. What is the source of these emotions? Some old, hidden stories are working their magic on you. Stay alert and be aware of the shadow this week. Using your hands, working with paints, writing and the arts will help move some of the old woundology.

Scorpio: Relationships (personal, business and otherwise) get your much needed focus this week. There may be some big news and expansion as well as necessary mental transformations in order to support the changes. You are focused on income, career/offerings, father, teacher, gains, wisdom and family/lineage. You continue to attract—like a bright shiny object. Allow for the ogling. This week is a good time for story work. Write them, draw them, share them, dance them.

Sagittarius: You and your relationships are requiring your full focus. There’s a lot of energy being spent on your interactions and most of this energy is unnecessary. It is essential that you take time for your self- alone- for meditation and recharging your batteries. Don’t give all your power away- especially to your “enemies”. Right now, you need to be especially aware of your pause button and get really familiar with when and how to use it. This will spare some of the grief and suffering. Getting into the physical body is essential right now. Mind your manners.

Capricorn: The winds of change are blowing. Are you caught in the current, the tides? Is your ship lost at sea? You are working on digesting some really big stuff right now. The stories, the memories, the mental chatter. You are working on endings, letting things go, digestion and elimination, gut reactions. Some of this is connected to your father. Luckily there is some support coming to you- from seen and unseen realms. Listen to your inner voices and re-create the old tapes that have been playing. Sing new songs and tell new stories. Once you are intimately aware of the bad habits, you can re-work them, re-master them, into a fabulous new mixed tape. Surrender to the waves so you can make some.

Aquarius: Your heart and home are passionate places. Work your soil, tend your hearth. Find gains through personal effort. Knowledge, wisdom and awareness are expanding and give insights that help you make some new connections; we can call it creative intelligence. Your synapses are firing extra quickly these days, but don’t let the mind take you over. Right now, emotions are key. How can you work them into your career offerings? Use your relationships as your teacher right now, your mirror into self and ego. There is promise of great reward through looking at the “other”.

Pisces: Knowledge of the unknown and the mysteries of life continue to grow and push you around. By now, you are practically immersed in these rich offerings and insights. There is more to come. For now, continue to use creativity, artistry and the hands as a means to create from the emotional level. Can you tie your creative endeavors into your work with the emotional body, the heart and the senses? Where and how do they connect? What is the offering here? Bring it home and find its core. There’s moksha in it for you.


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Ed: Bryonie Wise

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