Macklemore & Lewis on Colbert (plus, bonus).

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jun 5, 2013
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From a fan on one reason why they give Macklemore their support, despite his huge popularity:

“…Because not nearly enough of the US even understands how important gay rights are to a supposedly “free” and modern society. Even if 51 percent “support” gay marriage, that still leaves 49 percent who are repeating history by either standing by or being outright bigots. Seriously people, we did this sh*t 50 years ago already, it’s not a difficult concept to accept people as….. people.

You only really see majority support in the bigger cities (more liberal) and surrounding areas. A mid-western town with a population <15,000 is not going to be anywhere close to 50 percent supporting gay rights, probably more like 15 percent and like 5 percent by people over the age of 40.

Homosexuals are still actively discriminated against, assaulted, denied basic human rights, denied families, etc… daily.

Macklemore doing this makes it easier for a 13-year-old kid in B.F.E., Ohio to realize his parents are homophobes and it’s not okay to call people “faggots” let alone assault a gay classmate.

…Why wouldn’t we give people making a positive impact on our society our attention?


Bonus first!

Rapper Macklemore: “All families deserve respect. All parents deserve support whether they’re gay or straight. I want a gov’t that doesn’t discriminate, a gov’t that doesn’t use religion to define what makes a family. That’s why I’m one of the voices united for separation of church and state.” (Video)

Also, check out one of his older songs, Vipassana (on Buddhist meditation vs. his destructive,  addictive tendencies).

Note: I’ve fixed these embed links twice…wrong videos still coming up. If doesn’t work, go to Colbert and search Macklemore, it’s worth it.

On being independent (and successful, both—which is extremely rare):


Hip Hop and love for all, finally, come together in this brave, personal song.

Gets great at 330: Macklemore’s starhood is partially based on his ability, his love, for bringing the “performance” away from being stale and toward the present moment, urging folks off their feet and giving band members lotsa love and credit. Link to video, since Colbert videos not coming up correctly, here.


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One Response to “Macklemore & Lewis on Colbert (plus, bonus).”

  1. MarkGelband says:

    Waylon – Thanks for this post. My kids turned me on to Macklemore a couple years ago. At first, I really didn't get it – maybe the songs my son played. But when I heard "Same Love" the first time, I was hooked a fan. Our family went to the show at Red Rocks this winter – amazing, and it was a joy beyond belief to see him engage the huge crowd on same sex marriage and equality. On his addiction issues, he seemed sincere and real.

    Whatever anyone thinks about the music, Macklemore deserves kudos for being a straight man not afraid to use his platform to bare his soul and push his unflappable belief equality.