June 27, 2013

Most Americans should see this. {Muslim Video}

Via Reddit: “A muslim friend of mine shared this on facebook, titled “This is the truth”. Felt I should share.” (English subs) (youtube.com)

The Takbīr or Tekbir (تَكْبِير) is the Arabic term for the phrase Allāhu Akbar

“Islam is more or less hijacked; our religion is hijacked at the hands of some of the sheiks, religious trends and some extremists. A new generation of Muslims is beginning to emerge, I tell you I am terrified and I said this more than once.

I am no longer confident in those Muslims that I regard as kind, merciful and good. I ask God that they be better than I think them to be and better than my pessimistic disposition, but it appears to me that they are kind and gentle because they are restrained because they are under the force of law and the power of state.

But once the power and control is lifted as in Iraq and in Syria today or in any place, you begin to see monsters who behead, kids taught how to behead, and always with takbir. Do not do takbir, you have caused people to hate the religion of Allah (blessed and exalted is he).

Livers are eaten and chewed with takbir, masha’allah. I also felt sick to the stomach and deeply upset about the events of yesterday in Britain, unfortunately they brutally killed the soldier. I could not watch the news I was not able, but somebody told me, “for us Allah sufficed, and he is the best disposer of affairs.” Allah is sufficient to protect us from our sheiks and scholars who are spreading and continue to spread the spirit of hatred, hatred amongst the Muslims, hatred towards the rest of the world as if our religion is to spread hatred by saying the rest of the world are cursed, they are crusaders, they are the enemies of Allah, they are disbelievers.

We are the best, always praising ourselves that we no longer have regard for others. We despite the servants of Allah and despise all humanity. We have become the most people who deny God’s grace, as if the most who deny God’s grace today are Muslims, we live in their land be it Britain, Germany, hell or anywhere, under their protection and receive their benefits from their tax money and after all that you call them disbelievers and the slightest chance you get you want to kill and slaughter them.

What religion and what jurisprudence is this? Therefore I must prepare a sermon and name it “the jurisprudence of crime”. If only you knew some of their ways used in reasoning, those who regard themselves as leaders of the lost and confused youth, who have lost their humanity in the name of religion.

What religion? The religion of Genghis Khan, the Yasaq? The book of Genghis khan is most welcome! What about the religion of the Qur’an, “but as a mercy for all creatures” the religion of Muhammad Ibn Abdullah, the most merciful of Allah’s servants. Have we forgotten Muhammad and what Muhammad did?

We are only taught the cheerful one and the dauntless fighter. Idiot preachers, it’s the least we can say about them, this is what they are, I swear by Allah as I stand here from the pulpit of the messenger of Allah they are idiots spreading the jurisprudence of hatred, knowledge of hatred.

You greet Muslims with the greeting of peace but they do not return your greeting. Who are you? They despise you because you probably wear a suit and your beard does not reach your naval, how strange! O what is this nation?

What is this madness that we are in? you wait and see, as I told you, once the power of state reduces its grip over the Muslims anywhere you will see what they will do to one another, killing slaughtering, eating livers and hearts and criminal acts with takbir (God is the greatest, God is the greatest), God is the greatest over you and this jurisprudence and this method. O Allah!

Indeed I am innocent before you of what these people have done and ask that you guide them to the way of those who do good as they have done evil to themselves and to religion. They have done evil to religion, to us and to Muhammad the messenger of the lord of the words.

I swear by Allah they have done great evil to us and to the religion of Muhammad dear brothers. Praise be to Allah we are peacefully and safely living in Europe in the abundant grace of Allah with no attacks against us, be it the authority or the people, the so called “disbelieving people, the disbelieving authority, the cursed.”

Adnan Ibrahim – Our Religion is Hijacked

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