June 11, 2013

Realize Om, Sweet Home. ~ Dr. Omanand (Guruji)


In almost all yoga classes, you chant Om.


What is Om?

Who discovered Om?

Why is there so much importance placed on Om?

Is chanting Om sufficient without knowing the real meaning of it?

How do you chant Om?

How do you realize Om?

What is the secret of Om?

How can you prove that Om is the ultimate sweet home?

How can Om remove suffering?

How can Om reduce stress, tension, anxiety, fear, loneliness, confusion or depression?

Is Om the ultimate healer?

How to realize Om as the sound of consciousness?

Is Om  true yoga?

How can we tune up our individual energy with supreme energy through Om?

What is the scientific basis of Om?

OM has been accepted by all the religions of the world.

Christians say Amen.

Islam says Slam, Amen.

The Jewish say Shalom. Hindus,

Buddhists, Sikhs say Om.

Our science says, “Sound is energy and the universe stated it with the big bang.”

The secret of life for mankind and the universe is hidden in Om.

Om is not a word or alphabet. Om is not a religion but it is a supreme science that one can realize only after experience.

Om in Sanskrit is called Anahat Naad, which means a sound which is continuously produced without hitting the two.

When we chant Om, it means that we are trying to tune up the individual consciousness with the supreme consciousness. This is much like when we match the frequency of a radio with the frequency of a radio station to hear the desired music or song.

Similarly, chanting Om is matching the individual frequency with the supreme frequency. Once you become silent, both body and mind, then you start hearing this sound of consciousness, which is nothing but bliss. Yoga declares that once you realize Om, it will remove all sufferings of life.  This will lead you to the ultimate sweet  hOMe.

It is a good saying, but how to prove it?

What is the difference between science and yoga?

Both are the same. Science accepts anything only after a successful experiment.

Yoga declares the truth only after the experience.

There is not much difference between experiment and experience. An experiment is done outside in the laboratory. Experience happens inside and within you.

You might have heard, “Om is a sound of consciousness, the sound of existence, the sound of the universe, or the sound of the ultimate sweet home.” But the  major question arises, “Is your answer only theory or practical?” How do we realize these powerful statements in real life? How do we experience the real essence of OM?

Yoga says that once you master Om you are liberated. The Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Mandukya Upanishad and all yoga scriptures declare that you can experience the true yoga, the true oneness after you realize Om. Until then, your statement is a theory; it is a borrowed answer. However, the moment it becomes your own experience, then it is called the true answer, your own answer or an honest answer.

One should not live a borrowed life.

True life is realized life.

All answers which flow from you should be your own true experience.

If we continue living a borrowed life, we will continue to suffer. Borrowed life is suffering. Borrowed Om is not a sweet home.  Only after true realization and practical experience, a true statement will flow from you that OM is the ultimate sweet home. As per Mahrishi Patanjali, “Constantly recite and meditate on Om.”

What will be the benefits of The Realization of Om?

Realization of Om can open our own healing powers, energy chakras, balance our own energy, aura, the Kundalini Shakti,  increase the strands of DNA, enable us to transcend beyond body, mind and senses, realize ultimate oneness, realize supreme yoga.

Through this practice, the true self is revealed and all obstacles are removed.


Dr. Omanand (Guruji) is a chief disciple of HH Swami Paramanandgiriji Maharaj. He is a scholar of various ancient and modern scriptures. He started practicing yoga and meditation at the age of 6 under the guidance of Anna Sahib. For hours, he would meditate either in ancient meditation caves in Ujjain or in Holy waters of Kshipra, ancient Shiva Temple, Mahakaleshwar or selected sacred places in Ujjain, MP India.He knows 6 languages & has travelled to 53 countries.  He guides and inspires powerful meditation and transformation techniques from small to large gatherings in many universities, colleges and society. Today, his students are teachings Yoga & Meditation in 48 Countries. He guides profound Chidshakti Prakriya (Consciousness Awakening Technique) which has more than 147 benefits. For more information visit www.paramyoga.org


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