June 17, 2013

The Forsaken Lover. ~ Marie Cornelio {Poem}

Beloved why have you forsaken me…Why?

Why couldn’t you let yourself love completely?
The day you crushed my heart a piece of my soul died.

I have wept bitterly, sobbing , screaming out to you,
You left me, “ us”
My worst nightmare, my worst fear.

Without your love,
My heart has no song,
You brought out the sexy best in me.

Only tears, only sorrow, only aching pain,
Now pain fills my heart and soul.
You crushed my heart upon the rocks,
My soul is bleeding, sore and vexed.

Why did you have to hurt me this way?
Why couldn’t you just have chosen a new way of being?
With me among things that matter—like our love and eternity of ecstasy.

If death were an option I would surely take it,
To escape this pain in my heart, all this misery,
Yet I live to face another day,
of synergy of misery,
Knowing only your love could set me free and heal me.

Why did you come? Just to break me?
Losing you is earthly death for me,
How am I supposed to go on now?

Only tears fill my eyes when I look into your eyes,
Why did I open my heart to you?
Why was I such a fool?
My soul is aching for you,
Only you.

My beloved why have you forsaken me?
I turn to my inner beloved,
But you should be here with us,
All dancing, all singing, all loving, in ecstasy, and being intoxicated with love.

© 2013 Marie Cornelio


Marie Cornelio is a Best-Selling Author of Sacred Elegant Wedding, Love is Series Vol 1, Speaker, Spiritual Activist,  Poet, Lover of Life. You can visit Marie, access her video blog and article archive, and find out more about her and all her companies at: www.MarieCornelio.com. Marie lives in Northern California where she loves celebrating life with her family and riding her bike or taking daily gratitude walks with her dog Roxie-Love.


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Asst Ed: Terri Tremblett/Ed: Bryonie Wise

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