The Hopi Prophecy Predicting our Fate.

Via Summer Rayne Oakes
on Jun 19, 2013
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“We lost the cycles of nature,” reflects Randy Hayes in the 8th episode of SRO Conversations. Hayes, Co-founder of Foundation Earth, speaks with us about the symbolism in the Hopi Community and their prophecy of the world as we reach “The Third World War.” To watch the full-length version of this conversation, visit here or watch all the conversations on the Podcast page.


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Ed: Kate Bartolotta


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Summer Rayne Oakes is a model-activist working on reforestation and artisan training efforts through the Mezimbite Forest Centre in Mozambique and Sub-Saharan Africa. She is also the co-founder of Source4Style, a sustainable materials marketplace, advisory board member of Phytotrade, and has currently released a weekly video series entitled SUMMER RAYNE OAKES Conversations, highlighting discussions with cool people on what matters most. She is featured in this year’s Pirelli Calendar shot by Steve McCurry of Afghan Girl fame. You can follow her journeys and personal musings on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


2 Responses to “The Hopi Prophecy Predicting our Fate.”

  1. occultfan says:

    That's a beautiful and accurate connection using the yin/yang to bring to light another connection, that of universal balance. In relationships, great and small, in usage of resources across the board, even in how we spend our time as creatures, balance is the universal base of good. It can come down to several small hierarchies of values all bursting out of the same source. You can tell is something is good [by purest definition, that which all humans can agree upon, to speak of a human-centric view alone] if it is balanced. The strongest people cultivate their masculine and feminine, the best people treat others fairly for their actions and how they treat our world from how much they give and take. Those who we admire are those who admit their imperfections, as we are going to express and experience in ourselves and others, and yet continue the momentum towards a more-perfect, balanced union.

    "I may fail this day and the next, moment-by-moment, I am evolving, I am seeking to become that which aids in the balance of our relationship with others, this earth, and all which inhabit it."

  2. occultfan says:

    Also, a perfect place for sharing this:

    If the picture won't load, the text reads

    "When the Earth is ravaged
    and the Animals are dying, a new
    tribe of People shall come unto
    the Earth from many colors,
    creeds and classes, and who
    by their actions and deeds
    shall make the Earth green
    again. They shall be known as
    the Warriors of the Rainbow.
    – 'Hopi Prophecy'