June 19, 2013

What the Hell is Going On in My Career?

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Have you ever looked up at the sky and stars and wondered, “Will someone please answer an important question about my career?”

Maybe one of these questions sounds familiar:

“When will I receive a big promotion?
“I’m tired of working for other people. When should I start my own business?
“I’m in a dead-end job. When is the best time to find one that’s better?
“I want to be a musician, writer, lawyer, football player or entrepreneur. When will I achieve success?
“I’m in the wrong career. When will I find the career right for me?”

You can find the answer to your questions by knowing which planet is transiting through your 10th House of Career & Status. If you don’t know, read on and I’ll tell you.

The Secret to Understanding What The Hell is Going On

Transits are astrological events that affect every area of your life; a lucky transit may bring a big promotion—another may bring an exciting new career opportunity. And yet another transit may lead you to make a career move you’ll regret.

Let’s discuss how your career is affected by the five transiting planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. You can use this information to increase your chances of winning that big promotion, start a new business when it’s likely to be successful or even pick the best time to find a more satisfying career. (Note: To learn where your personal transits are, see the end of this article.)

Jupiter Transit:  Lucky Time for a Promotion or a New Career

If you have Jupiter transiting this area of your life, congratulations! You’ve got a great year ahead of you, especially if you feel ready to find a new job where you can make more money, start your own business, or change to a career that will make you even more happy.

Make sure to be out networking, making contacts, and taking interviews because this is where you’ll hear about great opportunities to advance your career or expand your business. When Jupiter is in transit, you feel confident and keenly aware of your talents and abilities. Even though you may have been fearful in the past, now you’re ready for success. You’ll find that the people you meet will see you as a confident “can-do” person who they want to help.

In your current job, this is a lucky time to win a promotion by letting employers know you have a desire for greater responsibility, where you can produce more success. If you want to expand your current business or you’re ready to start a new business, you’ll find new customers ready to buy what you’re selling. Expect to hear good news such as, “Congratulations – you’re hired,” or “You’ve just won the lead to be in Steven Spielberg’s new movie,” or “We’d like to be your first customer.”

Saturn Transit: Reflect and Re-Evaluate

During this transit, you’ll harvest the rewards for all your hard work. This is the time when your diligence and preparation will pay off and you’ll receive that big promotion. Your employer may say, “Based on your leadership skills we’re promoting you to be our new vice-president.”

You may also get feedback from your employer (or customers) about your job performance that will help you realistically evaluate whether you’re doing the work you’re meant to do. In fact, a crisis may occur that will force you to make a change in your career or business. This is the time when your employer might say, “Based on your poor work habits and lackadaisical attitude, we’re putting you on a 3-month probation,” or “Your lack of patience makes it clear why you haven’t been an effective teacher.” You will now re-evaluate your actions, so you can let go of any unproductive behavior that is interfering with your  success.

But if you’ve worked hard, been honest, and held yourself to high standards, this will be a time of major achievement in your career where your life’s ambitions and goals are realized. It’s also a time of “karmic” payback, so if you haven’t prepared properly, avoided hard work or operated without integrity, you’ll harvest the negative energies of this transit. President Richard Nixon had Saturn in his 10th House when he was forced to resign in shame.

Uranus Transit: Excitement & Freedom

During this transit, you’re likely to make radical changes in your career, so get ready for excitement, surprises and the unexpected! You’re not interested in pursuing a conventional career path. This may be when you experience a new calling in your career. Suddenly you find yourself having the courage to start an innovative new business that you think has limitless potential.

You’re ready to break away from any career that has become dull and routine so that you can pursue one that is fresh and exciting. This is when all those years of doing monotonous work catches up to you. You will no longer be willing to accept orders from authority figures you don’t like or respect. Be prepared for a sudden crisis in your career that forces you make a liberating change that will provide you new experiences. This can result in either possibility: “Take this job and shove it!” or “Clean out your desk, you’re fired!”

This is a perfect time to take a career risk that may involve a job re-training program or advanced education in order to prepare for a new career. You may decide to leave the security of a job to start your own business. When people ask you how you had the courage to make a big career change, you’ll say, “I didn’t know it couldn’t be done – so I did it!”

Neptune Transit:  Service, Confusion & Deception

This transit is ideal if you’ve ever dreamed of having a career where you can serve others. Now is the perfect time to reflect on your life’s purpose and to find out what kind of work would give it meaning and value. A career in social work, medicine, the Peace Corps, or service jobs such as flight attendant or waiter are favored during this transit. This is an excellent time to start a service business that will benefit society.

This transit may also cause you to feel confused or disoriented about your career, your life’s purpose and where you’re headed. What’s happening is that your orientation is changing from a desire for your own material success to a desire to be of service to others. It’s important that you find an outlet for this need, even if it’s volunteering outside of work.

Be aware that under this influence you may encounter dishonesty and deception. Someone you thought was friendly may be deceiving you. You may also discover that people in positions of power and authority may withdraw their support for your advancement, for no apparent reason. Because Neptune’s influence can bring misunderstandings in communication, trust your intuition. If you notice any unusual interactions with people, confront them diplomatically about what has occurred.

Pluto Transit: Transformation & Fulfillment

During this transit you’ll be intensely concerned with your life’s purpose. You’ll be able to focus your will and use your personal power to achieve your ambition. You’re drawn to a career where you can improve people’s lives. If you’ve been in a job that doesn’t seem to matter or isn’t satisfying, this is the perfect time to make a radical change and pursue a new career. Under this transit, a partner of 20 years in a law firm decides to become a therapist. A former mergers and acquisitions executive decides to be a full time astrologer.

Of course, if you aren’t clear about your ambitions and what you want to achieve in your career, this may be a lengthy period in your life when you’ll change jobs often on your path to discovering the work you’ll ultimately do.

The positive energies of this transit give you drive, ambition and a strong will to achieve your goals. This can be when you assume authority, receive honors, recognition and even become famous. Many powerful politicians, generals, corporate presidents and show business personalities reach the pinnacle of their success during this transit.

Pluto rules the underworld and crime, so if you use the powerful energies of Pluto in a sociopathic, criminal or dishonest manner to take advantage of others, this may be when you will be punished you for your misdeeds.

Where Are Your Transits?

If you want to know where your personal transits are  and see how they are affecting you right now, you can go to the  free Transit Calculator and enter your birth date. Then, read about each transit that’s been discussed to learn more about what the hell is going on in your career!





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