“Where are you from? Your English is perfect.”

Via Bryonie Wise
on Jun 12, 2013
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“Where are you from? Your English is perfect.”


I’m a first generation Canadian, with lineage that traces back to England (“Top o’ the morning!”) and Hungary.

I don’t get asked this question often, but once in awhile when the sun is out and my skin starts to darken, I’m asked where I’m from, or what my background is.

The thing is, we ask questions like this all the time, without really thinking about it.

It’s wonderful that as humas that we’re curious about other humans and where they come from and where their family comes from—I like to think it’s our basic human need (and desire) to connect and relate to other people. We ask them where they are from or where their family came from, so that we can find a common link—anything to bring us together.

So, let’s be curious and let’s find connection—we all want (and deserve) to be loved.

But let’s also invite awareness into the conversation too (and, a sense of humor never hurts, either).



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