June 18, 2013

Write, get set, go! elephantjournal.com paying our best writers.

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Update: We’re paying mindful writers based on consistency, quality, and popularity.

You have to be >consistent< to “win.” Secondly, we will not share anything that’s not >quality<, making it difficult for sexy (lascivious) or kitteny (cute) posts lacking other merits to win. Thirdly, if your consistent and quality post is popular, we’ll pay you for your work. Writers deserve to get paid and I’m happy to be able to do this, based on our growth. If you don’t want to get paid, you don’t have to play. Writers who are playing can not share their own posts on FB main page, but can on focus pages.

All the info is below, in the original blog.

Starting today, as per one consistent, quality, popular writer’s concerns:

Anyone who shares anything like “help me win so I can make money” will be disqualified: I reserve 100% rights to reward only those who are writing in the spirit of our mission. It’s great to say: “help support my work on elephant, here’s an article about xxx yyyy” or “help me, friends, by reading and sharing if so inspired.” But nothing tacky. Keep to the spirit of what the mindful life is about.Writer friends aiming to live a mindful life: elephant’s doing well, growing to 1.7 million, this month (Google Analytics). ~ ed.


So I’m once again trying to figure out a simple way to give back to our best writers for consistency, quality, sharing and popularity—all four. Colin Wiseman has been busy building up our new web site design (check it! elephantjournal.com ) and until we have our fancy “Ecosystem,” I want some way to encourage my many amazing writing friends to share up good news.

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Here’s the parameters: elephant editors only share what we respect: 1) quality. If you’re a volunteer host, you can’t share you’re own on elephant’s main facebook page if you’re in the contest. And, re 2) popularity and 3) consistency:

> $100/month if you put up 4 or more a month (I spend say 10 minutes to 30 minutes on a blog, so that’s in the range of $50/hour) if you total 5,000 readers or more in the month.

> $300/month if you put up at least 4 blogs a month for a total of 20,000 readers a month.

> $900/month if you put up at least 4 or more a month for 80,000 readers in the month.

elephant only shares those articles we respect, so there’s a quality standard.

We did this something along these lines a few months back and wound up paying $6,500 in two months (transparency!)


(Note: editors and volunteers are eligible, but can not share their own articles on our main Facebook page [you can however share the article once per day on appropriate focus pages] if you choose to “play.” Also: if you wish to collect your winnings, you must email your total as of the last day of the month by noon MST on the 1st to editorial @ elephantjournal dot com. Even five minutes late, and nada).

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Irrelephant bonus: Alright! That’s it. Time to stay up all night and write to get lucky!


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