Yoga in Sin City & a Love Story.

Via Rebecca Lammersen
on Jun 8, 2013
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Kevin Sutton Photography

I’m a writer, but I’ve got a side job too, yoga.

Teaching, practicing and learning the ancient practice and philosophy of yoga is part of my life’s work. It goes with me wherever I am, even to Las Vegas.

Here is a little story behind the pictures—

Almost two years ago, I met and fell deeply in love with a man who had just begun practicing yoga. Yoga was our matchmaker, but our shared understanding of the passion and love we have for our artistries, was the root of our connection—my writing and his photography.

I have told him many times, he is my muse, my inspiration. My writings took on a different force with his presence in my life.

When two artists unite, it is like living in a kaleidoscope—the world makes sense in a way it never has and never will again—it becomes magical. 

I’ve always loved taking pictures, but I don’t like being in them. I dislike how I look in photos, yet I trusted him and his intention. For months, he was very quiet and stealthy when taking images of me. He shot from far away, as though I was a bird afraid he would spook, but as I warmed to the truth that taking pictures of me was how he showed his love for me, I opened up and we began to make art together. His images transformed how I see myself today.

Kevin explained to me why he loves capturing people—

“People want to look like their ideal self, like someone else. My purpose is to help them see themselves, their natural beauty, just as they are, because they are always their ideal self.”

I could write a book filled with all of the pictures we have taken over the past couple of years and the stories within them. The pictures themselves speak of a soul love captured between two people—an artist and his subject. I will cherish them forever.

I believe every relationship is a success even if it does not last, no matter what the circumstance. Every relationship leaves a legacy, whether that legacy is a life lesson, a child, a feeling, a memory or a piece of art.

Kevin and I are not together right now, but my love still is and so are all of the memories, the travel and the beautiful pieces of art we created and experienced together.

The photography series in Las Vegas was our last project. Ironically, we were in Las Vegas for a wedding. I was marrying a couple who I know from my studio. During our free night, we decided to walk around town taking pictures. There are many pictures from the series which I will share another time, but for now, these some of my favorites (shot on a Saturday evening in the intersection of the Strip).

We weathered herds of people walking by, heckling us, walking on my mat and groping me. A drunk homeless man stopped to help direct the shoot and did not leave until we did. We lasted in the median for about 10 minutes. We also visited a few hotels, but were asked to keep moving by casino security after just a couple of minutes.

With all of the distractions and unforeseen variables, we managed to capture the duality of the town—the serenity in the gardens of the Bellagio, amidst the chaos on the casino floor of the Mirage and crowded streets of the Strip.

What we captured was stillness in movement and the beauty of the two—together. Such is life—Such is love.



Kevin Sutton Photography


The man in the picture above began as another heckler. It took one minute of speaking to discover he is the husband of a fellow classmate from high school whom I have not seen in 16 years. His name is Punit, which means “pure” in Sanskrit. The woman on the right was a passer by. I asked her to stay for one shot. In hundreds of pictures, there is always the one. This is The One.


Kevin Sutton Photography


Kevin Sutton Photography


Kevin Sutton Photography


Kevin Sutton Photography

Kevin Sutton Photography

Kevin Sutton Photography


Kevin Sutton Photography

Kevin Sutton Photography

By Rebecca Lammersen

Pictures by Kevin Sutton



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  1. kimberlylowriter says:

    Wow. That was beautiful! I loved your comment that every relationship whether it lasts or not is a success.

  2. Meggan Riley says:

    Great read! I lived in Las Vegas for 15 years…it is where I discovered yoga! I also worked for Cirque du Soleil for 6 of the years I was there. Through that job, I was exposed to new depths in my practice, practicing with some of the most flexible people on the planet. Great to see you at The Beatles Love show! That city has heart, soul & yoga. Sat Nam~

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