5 Things We Love About You, Waylon Lewis.

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on Jul 16, 2013
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Waylon & Red 39

So, today our fearless leader Waylon Lewis turns 39 and in celebration, we have five things we love about him that we’d like to share.

1. We love your sense of style, (but most of all, your shorty shorts).

Waylon is as brave with his wardrobe as he is with his desire to be of benefit. On any given day, our Instagram and Facebook feeds are full of Waylon in: long socks, striped pants, cowboy hats, capes and shorty shorts. All colorful, all creative…all the things that make Waylon, Waylon.

2. We love your sense of humor.

We can feel it sneak into our conversation, after his second (or third) cup of coffee; it’s like we can hear the twinkle in his eye through the power of the internet. A meeting will start out on a serious note and then quickly, before we know it, this happens: (Beware: this is behind-the-scenes elephant like you’ve never seen before…and no, we don’t all smoke weed and then Skype-chat).

Waylon Lewis: I do inversions and instagram myself working on laptop
Sara Crolick: good idea
And a yoga ball instead of a chair.
Waylon Lewis: I blog from the bath
Brianna Bemel: 😉
Waylon Lewis: or standing up is good sometimes
Brianna Bemel: I blog from my bike.
Waylon Lewis: I sky dive, wifi better up there
Lindsey Block: Oh snap!
Sara Crolick: hahaha
Waylon Lewis: I blog from Bri’s bike
Bryonie Wise: I blog from my dog
Brianna Bemel: ha
Bryonie Wise: What?!
Bryonie Wise: Weird
Waylon Lewis: my dog blgos
Waylon Lewis: blogs
Bryonie Wise: My dog blogs about logs
Waylon Lewis: My dog poops
Sara Crolick: whaaaaa  (rofl)
Lindsey Block: but yay for standing up, srsly!
Waylon Lewis: Women are People
Bryonie Wise: My dog poops and I don’t have enough bags with me when he poops eighty times
Waylon Lewis: I keep so many bags with me
Waylon Lewis: Red always knows when I’m bagless then he finds nice public place to poop
Waylon Lewis: Okay, I’m done. Great meeting, y’all!
Sara Crolick: ahahahahaha
Bryonie Wise: In front of everyone
Waylon Lewis: yes, in front of the mayor and the cops
Brianna Bemel: I am thankful to not be involved in the world of dog poop.
Waylon Lewis: and that girl I like
Bryonie Wise: Naturally
Lindsey Block: Dogs are people. They should bring their own damn poop bags.
Brianna Bemel: And laptops
Bryonie Wise: Ohhhh, good idea Lindsey
Bryonie Wise: Ha, Bri!
Bryonie Wise: Waylon, are you going to report?
Brianna Bemel: if they are going to blog while they poop.
Bryonie Wise: hahahahaha
Waylon Lewis: Dogs think we’re nuts for taking their poop (great fertilizer, bugs love it) and putting it in toxic plastic and trashing it. They’re half right.
Bryonie Wise: (rofl)
Sara Crolick: I rescued a kitten this week—he pooped on my kids’ lightning mcqueen blanket
Waylon Lewis: The solution is dog bathrooms.
Lindsey Block: Or they can just eat it. Save money on food!
Bryonie Wise: They can also eat cat poo
Sara Crolick: (puke)
Bryonie Wise: Hahahahaha
Waylon Lewis: Instacompost: eat your poop!
Bryonie Wise: (rofl)
Sara Crolick: dogs love cat poop! then they get litter stuck to their faces!!!! hahahahahaha
Bryonie Wise: sprinkles!!!!
Brianna Bemel: Can we blog this conversation?
Waylon Lewis: or your friends’ poop, or a stranger’s poop
Sara Crolick: (rofl)
Bryonie Wise: hahahahahahaahah
Lindsey Block: I hope the NSA is cracking up as much as I am.
Waylon Lewis: Bri, I was just having the same thought
Brianna Bemel: and call is elephant journal behind the scenes?
Bryonie Wise: this is gold
Sara Crolick: hahahahaha
Waylon Lewis: you know we blog too much when anythign we ever say becomes bloggable
Waylon Lewis: yes, as long as Sara spends half an hour talking with us about edits
Sara Crolick: |-(
Waylon Lewis: here’s the title: Naked Yoga
Bryonie Wise: ps: it’s hard to pick up poop with grass
Waylon Lewis: with an image of a kitten
Sara Crolick: soft poop on the grass. the worst.
Lindsey Block: ha! I’m dying. (devil)
Bryonie Wise: (chuckle)
Lindsey Block: okay but really…we have 15 minutes?
Sara Crolick: I think we’ve covered everything, no?
Bryonie Wise: Ok, but really: Waylon, you have to report on how good we all are and what an amazing job we’re all doing
 Waylon Lewis: Okay. Um…work. Work, work work. Nothing comes to mind.
Waylon Lewis: So, um, blog more? Less typos? More traffic? Make it so.
Sara Crolick: damnit! all this poop talk and I missed my elej FB posting time
Waylon Lewis: Um, tweet stuff! Newsletter. Money.
Waylon Lewis: Mission, independent

3. When you make us stop what we’re doing to have a five minute dance party.  

(Waylon sends us things that make our hearts beat and our feet move, like this and this and this.)


4. The passion, fire and dedication that you bring to all things elephant.

It’s one thing to have a dream and it’s another thing to actually pursue it. Day after day, night after night, your love for: the environment, meditation, bicycles, animal rights, human rights—and all the ways in which you know the world can change shines like a beacon for us all. And, you’re not so bad with words, either:

“But warriorship—the path of meditation, of fearlessness through fear and dedicating my service, my every action to ‘my only father guru’ and all others—is the pilot light of my life, the reason I wake up in the morning energetically, no matter how tired I am.”

 5. Redford Lewis.

There is nothing like witnessing the love and respect between a dog and his (or her) human and it’s clear that you two were meant to be.


Waylon: we love you and wish you the happiest of birthdays (and we wish we could be with you to celebrate, in person). We send you a four-trunk salute!

With love and peanuts,

Lindsey, Brianna, Bryonie & Sara



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10 Responses to “5 Things We Love About You, Waylon Lewis.”

  1. bneal817 says:

    Happy birthday Waylon. And Redford, too. Peace!

  2. Honey says:

    The little I have learned here about Waylon is beguiling. I think I love him. Yes, I do! And Sara, your comment re soft poop on grass is spot on. Aaaaagh.

  3. Dawn Carson says:

    Cheerful Birthday Waylon. Have heard delightful stories from your Mom. Only laid live eyes on you once in Halifax, Barry Boyce said when you got up to speak " theres an elephant in the room". Deep appreciation for your work, view & aspirations.

    Dawn Jigme

  4. Jennifer says:

    Happy Birthday. Thank you for EJ.

  5. Michelle Marchildon says:

    I love that Waylon loves animals. He had me at Redford.

  6. Rita T says:

    Joyous Birthday Blessings Beautiful Waylon! You are a gift to every sentient being. Thanks for spreading the LOVE!

  7. Trae says:

    Happy Birth Day Waylon.
    You sure are one cool human.
    Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

  8. drped says:

    Happy Birthday Waylon from another (transplanted) Boulderite. You give me hope for the future (Duzer too)!

  9. Kim M says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! Best wishes!!! I just discovered your website and I find it absolutely brilliant !!!

    Inspirational!!!! Thank you!

  10. Cornelia says:

    Happy Birthday Waylon from Germany, best wishes and thank for what you are doing