6 Steps That Will Get You into the Shape of Your Life. ~ Jennifer Lake

Via Jennifer Lake
on Jul 18, 2013
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Six steps that will get you into the shape of your life!

 1. Think. 

When it comes to your health, quality of life and longevity, it’s best not to jump into anything too quickly. Better to take your time, years even before you start any exercise program. Think more about it. Think about all those other people who work out and the benefits they are getting. Especially the ones you see on infomercials.

2. Shop. 

Definitely buy a whole new wardrobe that doesn’t fit you yet as motivation to slim down. It always work and never leaves you feeling like a failure (so why bother). A great way to fuel the economy as well. Way to go American.

3.  Foster Self Doubt.

When you do start your new exercise regime tell yourself you suck if you can’t immediately perform the exercise correctly. Then start throwing a tantrum. Better yet throw something so hard (like a weight) that it goes straight through the wall and into the river. That’ll teach the weight!

 4.  Eat Without Consciousness. 

Don’t worry about the non-food items you ingest at a rapid rate. If a preservative is good enough for plastic, certainly it’s safe to use in “foods” (thank you franchised fast food chains of the nation)!

 5.  Wait.

Always be certain that you wait until tomorrow to start your program. You will for sure get those results. ASAP. And they never end either.

 6.  Buy More Stuff.

Best to make large purchase on in-home training equipment; large items like treadmills, Pilate’s reformers, stationary bikes, the shake weight and “all in one” gym training systems that are complex in nature and take up empty space. That way, you will feel better as you stare at it daily and reap the rewards of just having it in your home.

  7.  Join a gym (bonus tip):

Defiantly get a gym membership to planet fitness. They have pizza night and bagel mornings. Motivational for sure!

Ok, ok while I definitely don’t agree with any of the above as useful meaningful tools for transformation, isn’t it amusing that those are all things we actually do on a regular basis to avoid the pain of change?

YesChange is painful, even when it is for the greater good. There is a reason there is that saying: Change comes when you are outside of your comfort zone.

This might be news to some of you and old knowledge for others. More and more research supports that we really are what we think, say and do—the foundation of the habits of our lives. It is both terrifying and empowering. Because the implications are; when we are fully able to accept responsibility for what we have created we can re-wire and re-create new better ways.

The foundation for evolution.

Of course many things get in the way of this, the old hardwired brain and habits are used to giving into habits (eating sugar, sitting, “what feels easy”) so of course it is going to take anywhere from 21-62 days of consistent re-wiring in order to get new results that you really want.

When was the last time you sat around your house and consciously said, “Gee I really wish my pants didn’t fit and that I would eat more ice-cream and listen to more negative thoughts and complain more and buy more stuff I don’t need and yell at traffic lights and feel numb?”

Most likely you are not consciously aware of that.

However, because of the habits you have, that is what you have. There is of course a lot of grey here within these parameters. I’m certain that you can create what you want—I am also certain everyone needs help to get there. No matter how many accolades you have, letters you have at the end of your name, workshops you have been to, spiritual retreats you have been on, we all need help.

It is part of this thing called human being.

I know I am a spiritual entity having a human experience and sometimes it really hurts. A lot. Sometimes it is so amazing and beautiful words cannot express the pure joy of it.

If you are struggling right now in any area of your life I encourage you to speak up. Find the inspiration, motivation, encouragement, and support you need.

It is out there and most importantly it is in you. Everyone has the ability to overcome their perceived obstacles, limitations and set-backs. Everyone. Go be awesomely amazingly you.

(Yes, I live on a rainbow and unicorns are my best friends.)


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  1. fladdertje says:

    Thank you!

  2. Bill says:

    I think the quickest way to get into shape is to use a fat burning supplement coupled with low-caloric foods and exercise.