July 16, 2013

Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide. ~ Serra Lynn Smick

As Yogi Bajhan says, “we are spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around.”

We are multidimensional beings composed of human self, and divine Self.

Everything in the known Universe is made up of energy, whether taking form, as in a particle, or remaining formless, as in wave energy.

Since we are a microcosm of the macrocosm, this same pattern in nature can be found in us where we are made up of energy that takes form, human self, as well as is formless, divine Self. Our dimensional constitution can be likened to an onion, forming layers that coat our core essence, which is formless.

At our most exterior extension, we meet the human self, that which makes us human, and connects us with this physical world and this human experience. At our most interior layer we meet the divine Self, that which remembers our continual connection to Universal Truth, consciousness, and Spirit.

To make a spiritual journey is to start at the most exterior layer, and descend through the many layers of self, or Ego, towards the most interior layer, the divine Self.

This journey begins with movement and culminates in peace and stillness. To get through the layers one must examine honestly, create balance, and heal from within before accessing deeper layers.

To create balance in the realm of form, examine and balance all aspects of the physical world, including Ego, body, surroundings, relationships, and path. To create balance in the realm of formlessness, examine and balance all matters of the mind and heart, see and reflect the beauty from within, learn and grow constantly, be an edge dweller, live with purpose, expand fearlessly and infinitely, connect to and speak your wisdom, honor your connection to the Whole, and be beacon of light for all to see.

Making this journey is our spiritual purpose.

Ego is part of our human self, and roots us in this physical world.

Ego manifests as a cast of characters, or archetypes, within us; the victim, saboteur, child, prostitute, boss, drill sergeant, couch potato, wounded healer, addict, alcoholic, smoker, stoner, etc.

Do any of these sound familiar?

These words are universally agreed upon archetypes, and when we hear them we know exactly what character to paint in our minds. They are commonly agreed upon because they are commonly reflected from within us and we know them all too well.

It is often very humbling to witness how many different characters of Ego are present within us, and how many layers down each character exists within.

Ego will do anything to evade discovery because discovery means death, so it distracts us along our journey, and the more aware we become the  more subtle and tricky Ego becomes.

Alas, if we remain unconscious to which characters we are running the show, we will be left spinning, exhausted and fruitless as the Ego leads us down countless dead end rabbit holes. Our divine Self leads us down rabbit holes that open us up to infinite possibilities, where we can co-create a beautiful reality with the divine.

As we descend through the layers of human self and encounter the cast of characters within us, we can heal by witnessing, accepting, forgiving, integrating, absorbing wisdom from, and loving each one in order to love all the many parts of us.

Loving your self as a whole is to operate from your divine Self, which is made of pure love.

When the divine takes over with pure love and acceptance, it leaves no thing for the Ego to cling onto. In this state of nothingness we touch our divinity, and absorb and reflect beauty and devotion to Great Spirit.

Our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions are the furthest extensions of our intention, and come from the human self.

As members of universal consciousness, we have a responsibility to wake up and make sure that the root of our intentions comes from the divine Self, rather than the human self. This is to say that they come from the place in us that remembers its role and connection in relation to the Whole, rather than the place that is tied to this human experience, and often has trouble seeing beyond form.

In the wise words of Jiminy Cricket, “Always let your conscience be your guide.


Ed: Elysha Anderson

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