How Yoga Set Me Free. ~ Nick Aldridge {photos}

Via Nick Aldridge
on Jul 17, 2013
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There is something that happens as you turn your attention inwards in a yoga class, the sweat drips from your brow and your breath becomes the metronome for your body’s movements, your mind focuses down to the smallest details of your flow and posture.

A couple of years ago, I had a huge personal crisis which forced me to question the way I had previously defined myself, my life and my work as a photographer. That very same day, I happened to be shooting some pictures of a local yoga teacher, who invited me to join her first class in her new yoga studio straight after the shoot.

I went to the class—and the next day I went back.

I went back every day I could!

Yoga entered my life on the same day as everything that had seemed so solid was taken away—that was the start.

After a while, I was being introduced as Nick, the yogi, not Nick, the photographer. It felt really strange and liberating, partly like I’d shed my old skin, but also like I’d lost something…yet, ironically I had quietly begun taking the most creative pictures of my life.

I had loosened my white-knuckled grip on photography, creativity and work and the narrow meaning I had given them.

I gradually found playfulness in my work again. My creativity began flowing from a much more generous and human place. It came as such a surprise to me because all I did was focus on yoga, and trying to heal myself.

After three years, yoga spat me back out again to return to my career as a photographer; refreshed, fit, healthy, trusting and most of all, happy!

A deep sense of flow runs through my life, it all sits a little lighter on my shoulders and I feel a deep gratitude to yoga and it’s subtle power for bringing me back to myself.

Here are some of the yoga images I made with my amazing yogi friends and generous teachers along the way…






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About Nick Aldridge

Nick  Aldridge is a versatile, creative, commercial photographer based in Cape Town South Africa. Specializing in portraiture, travel, sports and yoga, Nick’s photographic work for a large range of clients, in very diverse environments suits his curious nature and obsession with learning how everything works; from giant telescopes in the Karoo desert to women’s collective farms in rural Mozambique; from yogis and athletes to the directors of multinationals, everything is fascinating and worth the same intimacy that makes photography such an exciting medium. He is a lifelong ocean-lover and surfer. Nick’s next project is a documentary about yoga shot in India. You can follow his work on Facebook,  through his website or connect on Twitter.


7 Responses to “How Yoga Set Me Free. ~ Nick Aldridge {photos}”

  1. Anton says:

    Very cool pictures Nick

  2. Mike says:

    Great pics Nick…as always…

  3. Iming says:

    Great pics Nick, we're lucky to have a photographer who knows how and what to capture with yoga images!

  4. Thank you so much, Iming!

  5. annemiek says:

    hi nick
    it's great t o see that the result of this excellent photography is best of both worlds.

  6. Thanks Annemiek!
    When I was a kid, there were so many things I was interested in. They seemed to be mutually exclusive.
    I thought I would find happiness when there was only one thing left to think about!
    I thought eventually I would be able to reduce everythng in the world to 'the One thing'.
    Turns out life is a bit more like a DJ Mash-up, but maybe . . . eventually . . . if I keep practicing . . .

  7. Great stuff!! Wow.. It's so rational yet so random how the universe responds to our needs; meaning, you had a personal crisis that forced you to adjust yourself. You happened to be doing a shoot of a yoga instructor and because of your inner-wisdom, you felt that this was your change that you needed.