Followers, Rejoice! There’s a Place For You, Too. {Video}

Via Catherine Monkman
on Jul 11, 2013
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[Photo via usembassylondon on Flickr]
Photo: usembassylondon


I am not a leader.

I don’t give direction. I don’t know the answer.
I am not in charge.
I won’t be your hero.

I am one in the crowd, unnoticed and indistinguishable.
I’m intelligent, alert, thoughtful and passive.
I know when to take notice and when to disregard.
But I am not a leader and I’ll wait for you to speak first.

I’m quiet and shy. I’m an introvert. I am “nice.”
I will work with you and for you. I will join the team.
Creating debate is your job, so I will aim to just get along.

I am not a leader and it’s not necessary for me to be one.
I remain on the sidelines where I am most valuable, waiting and watching.
To lead is to be ahead of the rest, giving direction and guidance.
I am the one who will be the following in the cult of brilliant ideas.

I will let the real leaders guide the world in one good direction or another.
I am not a leader, so my good ideas will be spoken in anonymous whispers.
Please, speak for me. You do it so much more eloquently than I could.

You see, the choices are still mine even when I’m not presenting the choices.
I am not a leader and I won’t be an imposter drowning in a lake of loud voices.
I am quiet and I am content.

The world needs me, too.

At a time when we are inundated with messages about being great leaders, finding a path can be especially daunting for those of us who are just not cut out for the job. Followers, rejoice! There’s a place for you too.

Bonus: Derek Sivers provides an illuminating example of why followers (especially that first one) are as important, or more important, than leaders. What is a leader without anyone to follow?


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About Catherine Monkman

Catherine Monkman is a shy, friendly Canadian living in a small house with her two nearly-perfect children, two kitties and two goofy dogs. Cat spends her free time reading, growing vegetables and cooking them, traveling, and learning life lessons courtesy of and along with her family. Cat began contributing as a typo vigilante and now eagerly serves as an editor, writer, and student of the mindful life.


2 Responses to “Followers, Rejoice! There’s a Place For You, Too. {Video}”

  1. Ralph Monkman says:

    Being a leader is tough to do, but being the first follower needs pretty thick skin too. Being one of the first admitted atheists in the crowd is; I find, daunting, but eventually your own personal views are accepted even if they are not met with honest approval.

    • Cat B says:

      Thanks for your comments and taking the time to read! You're right, the first followers can sometimes be met with as much backlash as the leader.

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