Meditation for Breaking Hearts. ~ Edith Lazenby

Via Edie Lazenby
on Jul 22, 2013
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Love Lives in Our Fingertips

“For my part, I prefer my heart to be broken. It is so lovely, dawn-kaleidoscopic within the crack.”

~ D.H. Lawrence

Take your hands and rub them together. Feel the heat and know love lives in our fingertips. Place your hands on your heart. Listen and feel.

The beat promises hope. The cracks hold light.

Take breaths of light into your heart. Breathe in the sunshine. Breathe in the stars that sparkle even when you cannot. Breathe the moon’s fullness even when it is but an eyelash in the sky.

Breathe the love that aches into a bloom that lives even in the blizzard of what hurts mid summer’s heat.

Breathe this moment and hold yourself present. Let the thoughts meander. Let the hurt rise on angers wings and let that energy move into your heart where sadness waits. Let the sadness cleanse you.

We are never as alone as we feel yet let the quilt of aloneness cover you in its warmth and know your hand can reach for another’s even if only in a dream.

Know your family loves you, if imperfectly. Know your true friends will never leave you and forgive your errors for we all make them.

Keep breathing. Now breathe in the darkness. Breathe in the night sky covered with clouds. Breathe in the loneliness and hold it close in your hands and remember those hands can hold infinite prayers.

Know all prayers are heard, even if you don’t believe.

Embrace the shadows. Dance with what you know and cannot name. Let the music of loss rock you into the waves of grief and find the flame of healing within.

Now rub your hands together again. Place them on your eyes and know when closed you might see more. Rub them together and return them to your heart. Feel the flame that feeds you and let it feed your darkness until you are immersed in a galaxy of stars. Find the spiral that is your heart’s life and let it expand.

Hearts break every day in a million ways. Hearts heal with love, time and more love.

Love yourself. Fill yourself up and remember this too shall pass. You will heal. And your heart may break again but next time your hope will hold stronger. Be brave. Find meaning in the loss and let it give you your heart back with its cracks and aches.

Settle into now. Let the thoughts float into the ether. Let feeling fly. You will grow into what you know and uncover what you don’t.


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About Edie Lazenby

Edith Lazenby's first love is poetry. Her second is yoga. Life unrolls in ways she could have never have imagined. She loves to love and live life daringly. Leap and the net will appear is how the saying goes but they don't tell you what to do after it disappears. Edith lives in Baltimore with her cat, Cucumber. She works all the time, it seems, these days. Life is good. Blessings are many.


4 Responses to “Meditation for Breaking Hearts. ~ Edith Lazenby”

  1. Jennie says:

    Love this, Edie. Just beautiful.

  2. jas faulkner says:

    This is one of those articles that makes you feel your heart opening up even if you're not experiencing the condition it's addressing.

  3. edieyoga says:

    Oh thank you so much….I appreciate your comment and glad you could really feel it.

  4. edieyoga says:

    Thanks Jennie!! So glad you you enjoyed the piece.