July 21, 2013

Mountain Time, a Reflection for Just Being.

Upon returning from my travels this past winter, I was at a stand still.

I felt like I had climbed this huge mountain only to get to the top and have no idea what to do next. I had to just sit to be still.

It wasn’t the easiest. But it was worthwhile. I had spent months traveling, exploring new lands, teaching and sharing yoga throughout Peru, Bolivia, Mexico and Chile. I returned to Montana more grateful to be back home than ever before, yet more unsure of what to do next than ever before. It was befuddling! We’re a society of ‘doers’ so when the Universe or life tells us to just ‘be,’ it can be challenging. Yet what better time for reflection, for gaining character, than through the periods of waiting?

I know a lot of people are going through similar experiences, wondering what big opportunity awaits them or how to go about finding it. I share with you, here, a journal entry of mine that I wrote as I was beginning to see and feel the light of new ideas, new areas to explore and possibilities to scintillate my fingertips. Hopefully it inspires you to just feel whatever it is you are going through (whether in stillness or in action) and to love and believe in yourself each and every day. Through patience and acceptance—your time will come. Over and over again.


These beautiful mountains.

They belong to me.

Or more, I belong to them.

The trees, they rustle in the wind.

They dance and entice me with their beauty.

Their gentle, delicate rhythm.

I can feel their breeze on my cheek.

I want to be caressed that way. Held that way.

Nurtured by the earth.


It’s all happening!… But only if you make it.

Well, it’s all happening regardless. But how much you’re a part of it depends on how much you clue into it, expand your potential and embrace your glorious worth, infinite wisdom, and worldly desires!


I am infinite, immense potential.

Beautiful grace and glory. Beauty beyond words.

Feeling beyond expression. Clarity beyond explanation.

Acceptance beyond worth. Affection through my happiness.

Expression in my being. Dancing with life.

Rock. Earth. Water. Air. Breeze. Fire. Heat.


Cool, calm surrender. Warm, passionate desire entice.

My body is full. My lips ready to be kissed.

My hips blessed for movement and freedom.

My body, my mind, my heart, and my soul.

All bountiful. All limitless. All in harmony and expression.

All acceptance, awareness, understanding, and peaceful beauty.

Full of light.


I am me. I feel back to me.

To expressing and clearly stating my wants and needs.

I am back to acting for myself.

I am worth really investing into my future.

My health, my welfare, my behavior.

My actions aren’t judged by others, only myself.

I am fully supported and believed in wholeheartedly.


The great, immense potential, the gifts I have to give,

the infinite abundance we all deserve, are mine

to actualize, to realize, and to flourish in.


I am blessed. I have a gift into the human soul.

Let me not doubt nor limit myself, but act towards my best intentions,

knowing the best of what I need and deserve is here for me now,

at this very moment.


Nothing is beyond my reach.

What I want to put out and receive from the world

is also shared with others.


I deserve wealth. I deserve health.

I accept wealth. I accept health.

I am love.

Start fresh.

Or even better: make room, acknowledge, accept.


Feel free to read these words as if they were your own, or pick up a pen and do some free form writing of your ow. Acknowledge your doubts and fears; affirm your courage and worth. Take the reins of your being into your own hands.

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Ed: B. Bemel

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