Perpetual Inevitability: The Looking Glass of Life.

Via Elana Temple
on Jul 30, 2013
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Photo: Mike "Dakinewavamon" Kline
Photo: Mike “Dakinewavamon” Kline

Perpetual Inevitability: The Looking Glass of Life

Relationships will form, friendships will be broken.
Married men and women will divorce and the unspeakable will be spoken.
Political leaders will falter in their leadership, under circumstances unexpected.
Students will proudly be recruited to schools as others will be rejected.

The terminally ill will perish as those with benign diseases recover.
Those fortunate will accumulate wealth while the unfortunate continue to suffer.
A storm rages, destroying homes in a distant town.
An innocent family is murdered silently when no one is around.

Children are born into families, unwanted, thus deserted.
Immigrants are turned away when their actions are misinterpreted.
Opportunities will come around and just as quickly pass us by.
The timid continue to recoil as those brave ones stand up to give it another try.

The bond between sisters is broken while strangers find reason to trust.
An enemy reaches a hand out to his adversary as a friend leaves her companion in the dust.
Answers will be discovered as questions continue to be asked
And those who thought it impossible master a difficult task.

The tears pour down a desolate face and questions of suicide arise.
Troops fighting for our country survive to witness another sunrise.
Those who appear to live lives of misery are truly quite content.
While those of whom we view as satisfied, find reason to resent.

And we will continue to live life this way, without time to pause or sigh
But one day we’ll stop and discover
How quickly time passes us by.


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Ed: B. Bemel


About Elana Temple

Elana Temple is a passionate and perseverant individual with significant interest in international affairs and public relations, eager to enrich her professional skills as a communicator. Elana is an ex-pat living in Belgrade, Serbia, with her college honeypot. Connect with Elana here.


2 Responses to “Perpetual Inevitability: The Looking Glass of Life.”

  1. Nam5ste Divin3 says:

    This was spectacular: profound AND poignant; and so different from the material I have read here on elephant! Thank you!

  2. Jenae says:

    Interesting Read