July 3, 2013

Photo of the Day. “Volunteers form a human wall to guide baby turtles to the sea.”

From this Facebook page: “Human presence is guarding against a lot of manmade hazards, such light pollution, vehicle traffic, dogs, etc. Even so, getting the babies to the water is only one hurdle in the journey the adulthood; the ocean is a harsh unforgiving place.”

“Sea turtles have been known to be misguided when moving for the sea because of light pollution. This is pretty cool!…My friend had a beach house on the atlantic coast in Florida. Whenever we stayed the night during hatching season, we had to turn off any bright lights and lower all the blinds facing the ocean. Apparently the turtles are attracted to the moon, so many get disoriented when they see other light sources…”


“Marine biologist/ sea turtle nesting volunteer here: it is not the moon that attracts them, it is the brightest color object on the horizon. If you go sit on a beach at night you will see that the water and waves are a silvery color in the reflected moonlight. So if the glow from city lights is brighter they will turn the wrong direction. Indecently using a 590nm amber light or a 650nm red light won’t disrupt the turtle and has been approved for use at beaches in florida.”

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