July 16, 2013

Real Time Astral Diaries: Final Reflections on Lucid Dreaming. ~ Sean Kelly

Photo via ashkay moon on Flickr.

This passionate conclusion includes love and anger on the journey of dreaming.

If you missed them you can catch the first three installments of The Astral Diaries here:

Lucid Dreaming in Paradise

Fear of Losing Control

Morals and Ethics


The Astral Diaries is a real time series brought to you by The Lucid Academy. This is a series of reflections on Agama Yoga Thailand’s first Yoga Nidra and Lucid Dreaming Workshop with Swami Vivekananda Saraswati. Produced by Agama Yoga Thailand and The Lucid Academy. I offer my daily reflections, insights and expertise.

The answer to the most common question about lucid dream is:



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Assistant ed: Catherine Monkman

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Read 1 comment and reply

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