July 9, 2013

Video: what this Chimpanzee teaches Humans about Forgiveness.

What Chimpanzees can teach us about Forgiveness of the Worst Crimes.

Update: Chimpanzees in the wild ‘talk’ to each other about their favorite fruits and the trees where they can be found. Animal Science (abc.net.au)

Save the Chimps! Two Great Victories.
Via my friend, Starre:
And, commence crying. This is SUCH a beautiful story!

“What the chimpanzee has done is to prove there is no hard and fast line dividing us from the rest of the animal kingdom,” Dr. Goodall said. “Once you admit that we’re not the only beings with personalities, minds, capable of thought and emotions, it raises ethical issues about the ways we use and abuse so many other sentient, sapient beings — animal beings — every day.”

Society changes for the kinder and wiser, but only if and when we—you and I—make it do so.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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