July 15, 2013

What on Earth is Going On with the Boulder County Farmers’ Market?

What’s going on with the Boulder County Farmers’ Market?

Does it need help? Three exec directors fired/let go in two years. We all love it and want to support—what’s up? What ideas would you bring to the table to improve it (not that it’s broken).

Boulder County Farmers’ Market seeking third executive director in two years (coloradodaily.com)

Sad. She was sweet, caring, and a farmer. Who knows how good a job she was doing, but sad the way they did it—releasing BS PR, when clearly the story was something altogether different. If we can’t find transparency among farmers and treehuggers, where will we find it?

That said, the market could be bigger, more innovative. A national search, to my mind, isn’t the answer—better to find someone with deep roots and a willingness to innovate. The board, however, wants leadership, but in my limited understanding (via vendors, there) doesn’t like to support it.

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