July 11, 2013

Women are People.

This should no longer be Breaking News.

These two quotes = far more inspiring than that viral Dustin Hoffman video many of us recently shared.

Given that these two gentlemen, below, are writers of fantasy and comic book blockbusters (and much more)—genres generally thought to be a bit, er, adolescent in regards to women—all the more props to them.

They, and many others deserve our love and respect—and sharing—far and away above that Dustin Hoffman video.

While that video was genuinely touching, many of us (hopefully most of us, by now) have had conventionally unattractive friends, a good number of them women, all our life. That a famous person cries on camera may represent a moment of vulnerable sincerity, but it may not represent a banner moment for equality that I feel inspired to share, though it’s dressed up and set up and spooned to us as a “viral video.”

We can do better: share every moment of tears from a well-educated middle-aged conventionally-unattractive famous white guy who belatedly realizes that women are people too? Someone cries on camera?! I’m touched, let’s share it!

These two gentlemen deserve our praise, despite not moving us to tears, here:

George R. R. Martin on writing women:

Number two:

Question: Why do you write these strong female characters?

Joss Whedon: Because you’re still asking me that question.

Full video:

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