5 Reasons Why Middle-Aged Women Should Practice Yoga. ~ Barb Pickl

Via Barb Pickl
on Aug 3, 2013
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yoga and cat


1. The assurance knowing we are not alone.



2. Learn not to panic if we miss our usual six-week highlight appointment, leaving our grey roots exposed, because we are at ease with our awesome mature natural selves (but only until the next available appointment)!


3. An opportunity to show off the new tattoo your kids (perhaps grandkids) swore you were too old to get.


4. We can rock anything Lululemon, Hard Tail, or Prana if we once wore this…

 BP4   or this   BP5

…and did this


5. Tune out and turn on!

Yes, out with all of that hyper-media suggesting yoga is essentially for pliable, young nymphs with perky breasts and an unflinching core, effortlessly busting out a difficult arm-balancing pose on some tropical beach, wearing only a veil. Not so. Granted, they do exist and it’s a beautiful thing, but get over it. You’re missing the whole point!

So your personal odometer has turned over a few times, perhaps feeling like a piece of “checked”, reinforced Samsonite luggage in a world of easily maneuvered, compact carry-ons nicely fitting into those tiny overhead bins. I felt like that for far too long, and I’m here to remind you that you are a beautiful, dynamic, fluid, sexy (yes-that too!), vital, and, more importantly, divine human being.

I have practiced with some amazing young folks and numerous inspirational, lovely and seasoned souls, such as an elderly blind woman whose grace leaves me breathless, and a gentleman recovering from a stroke whose determination to rediscover a sense of balance leaves me humbly staggered.

That, dearie, is what yoga is all about—reconnecting to your unbroken and whole divine true nature: your forgotten playful, spontaneous inner love-child, guru or, perhaps, hippie.

In the process you’ll learn to chill out, peace out, and graciously accept how to fully love the one you’re with. 

Even if it’s just you with your one cat.

There’s still a lot of “oomph” in your Om, so dust off your groove thing and get funky!

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About Barb Pickl

Barb is simply a Midwest storyteller, relinquishing static comfort to explore the rich Wisconsin farmland and to seek wisdom from her “seasoned” single, middle-aged and well-versed-in-hospice journey. Assuredly, she has only one cat.  Daily she is found passionately face down on her yoga mat, writing, with book in hand or just walking and relearning how to breathe. Forever cradling a cuppa’joe, she surveys every local farmers market chatting up the vendors profoundly appreciative for the craftsmen of the Earth. She takes special delight “treating” folks to a meal and sitting with them eager to hear their story; noble tales, every one. Years ago at a gas station she saw a display of cheap, “personalized” coffee mugs reading, “Barb: mysterious and protector from fire” and thought ’nuff said. She can be reached via Facebook and Twitter.


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