An Experience with Tarpana: Ayurvedic Healing. ~ Whitney Logan

Via Whitney Logan
on Aug 1, 2013
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Ayurveda Healing

Recently, I had a beautiful and strange experience called a Tarpana ceremony.

Tarpana is an Ayurvedic ritual that combines physical massage with spiritual journeying (or “active imagination”) into a timeless, spaceless place in which I was encouraged to have conversations with people (alive and dead) with whom I have established or inherited unhealthy relationship patterns.

The Tarpana ritual turned out to be much more powerful than I expected at first.

Combining bodywork with spiritual and psychological sensitivity helped me feel into the places in my body where I was holding onto these attachments. From there, I could then work to release these holding patterns in the psyche and the body simultaneously.

I have done many, many kinds of therapy and spiritual healing rituals in my life, but this one in particular brought something unexpected: a new sense of personal responsibility.

Let me explain.

After the ceremony, I felt myself start to understand—both mentally and viscerally—that my attitudes towards the people in my life (past and present) manifest as inner attitudes towards myself. I could see how all the negative energy I’d been directing towards any of my relationships created the same experience of negativity in my own body!

For example: if I was defending against empathy and understanding in a relationship with someone else, I was blocking off the flow of empathy and understanding within my own system. Alternatively, when I allowed empathy and understanding to arise towards this person, those same energies began to flow freely in my body again.


Many intuitive healers talk about the role of psychological or spiritual sickness in the manifestation of physical dis-ease. I saw this very clearly during my Tarpana ritual. It was as if the innate flow of healing energy was being released from behind a dam of my own creation.

It became suddenly obvious to me that while the abundance I seek is within my own reach, and it is also not freely available if I’m willfully defended against others —alive or dead; present or absent; known or unknown.

As Rumi says, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”.

May all beings Awaken.






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About Whitney Logan

Whitney Logan, MA, RYT is a psychotherapist, yoga teacher, and energy intuitive practicing in Chicago. She believes that we are all here to help one another remember our Wholeness.


2 Responses to “An Experience with Tarpana: Ayurvedic Healing. ~ Whitney Logan”

  1. Carolina Fernandez says:

    Thank you for sharing. Our relationships are the best reflections of ourselves. Namaste.

  2. Carolyn Riker says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this information! I've wondered about Tarpana and never really got a straight answer as to what it is. This is so helpful. Now to find a reliable practitioner would be amazing!