Bradley Manning: I Want to Live As a Woman. {Video}

Via Jennifer S. White
on Aug 22, 2013
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bradley manning

Bradley Manning brings up an interesting gender identity issue for convicted criminals.

Just this morning (Thursday, August 22, 2013), former United States soldier Bradley Manning announced her female identity and her desire to live as a woman named Chelsea despite being currently imprisoned, and sentenced to 35 years, for leaking the largest set of classified documents ever to the public.

Watch her attorney make the announcement on the Today Show:


For a mindful community, like those of us at elephant journal, this is a potentially sticky dynamic of gender acceptance and conflicts surrounding simply the current legalities of restrictions placed upon convicted criminals.

Food for thought, and for discussion.


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2 Responses to “Bradley Manning: I Want to Live As a Woman. {Video}”

  1. Leslie Shilling says:

    I would imagine that hormone replacement therapy is a difficult process in the best of circumstances. Why anyone would chose to do it while incarcerated is beyond me. With this announcement being public, placement in a men’s prison would be dangerous even if therapy is delayed. It would almost seem safest to allow the therapy and have placement in a women’s prison. Tough situation no matter what.

  2. Leslie, it definitely is a tough situation no matter what (and her safety was brought up in the video too). Thanks for taking the time to comment.