Can a Local, Organic Restaurant go National & Maintain Sustainability & Integrity? {WAYLON}

Via Walk The Talk Show
on Aug 18, 2013
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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis:

One Take: In the Moment with Hugo Matheson, of The Kitchen Community.

The Kitchen and elephant have grown up together—both were founded about 10 years back, and it’s Waylon’s favorite restaurant in Boulder. More importantly, The Kitchen started the farm-to-table movement in Boulder, helping us be named Foodiest Town in the US, and (by encouraging other restaurants to follow suit) rescuing farms all over the county. Now, the Kitchen Next Door—a newer model—is set to grow nationally. Can The Kitchen maintain its local, organic and relatively affordable values as it goes big? Word on the street is “no”—so Hugo, co-founder, sits down with Waylon to talk about the complexities of running a fully sustainable business.

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2 Responses to “Can a Local, Organic Restaurant go National & Maintain Sustainability & Integrity? {WAYLON}”

  1. jason argonaut says:

    I hate to tell you but food-to-table was around more than a decade ago in the northeast. It all started with greemarkets in NYC then moved over to London. See Nina Planck. Food-to-table restaurants are all over the northeast where a steady supply chain is filled by smaller family farms from NY, Pennsylvania, MA….Trying to make a McDonald's of "healthy" food will definitely lead to poor quality or lowering of standards. Unless of course, the investor is willing to take a loss and the VC or angel is okay with not having a 10x exit or fraudulent pump and dump flotation for the underwriters. But hey, as long as one of the Musk brothers is behind it I gets it is cool and trendy.

  2. Supa Nova says:

    I have to second the former commenter's observation. Although, I think any farm to table effort deserves accolades, it appears uninformed to announce Boulder and it's Kitchen Community somehow were the great way-showers of back-to-the-farm foodies. I bought a farm ten years ago precisely because I wanted to do what my friends and family had done for decades: Serve farm fresh food at local venues. This is not new on the planet, it simply called eating, it's what our grandparents did daily. I know it seems extreme to many that our food actually comes from farms and makes its way to our tummies via a table but this is actually sad that Foodies now need a platform to rewrite history. Where I live in N.CA, we have been eating farm to table food since I moved here 21 yrs ago. In Vancouver, BC, 25 years ago, several restaurants catered to the organic/farm fresh customer's palate. I became an organic shopper and farmer precisely because Vancouver's organic "foodie" movement was well underway back in 1987…Great job, Boulder for supporting local organic farms and the hard work that goes into the lifestyle of eating healthfully, wholly, and from the dirt.