August 18, 2013

Dear Time: Please Slow Down. ~ Dana Gornall

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I hear the katydids at night and the cicadas during the day.

They sing a loud hum, reminding me that summer is winding down to a close. The air breathes cool down my neck signaling the impending Autumn, and then Winter.

Sometimes, as the sun sets, I smell the smokey burn of a campfire nearby. Next week the school busses will be driving down our street and kids will be walking to school.

It’s all going so fast; I wish it would slow down.

Summer has always been my favorite season. For awhile, I thought it was Autumn with her spectacular display of orange and red and the crisp, wood scent filling the air. There are parts of it I like, but there is nothing like sleeping with the windows open at night, or the smell of chlorine mixed with sunscreen on a warm sunny day.

Time is just flying by way too fast—so much that my heart can’t beat fast enough. My children are growing into people and this time next year my oldest will be going to college.

College. Wasn’t that me, just a few years ago?

Some days, I let my gaze last just a few more minutes while talking to them, trying to hold onto their faces. I try to remember each moment and foolishly think that I can slow it down.

I know to be present. I know that to make life worthwhile, I need to savor each day—the good ones and the not-so-good ones. But even when I take things slow, when I try to make each minute last, they still slip quickly through my fingers.

I remember toddling feet, first words, and baby food. I remember tiny hands that held tightly to mine, and round innocent eyes that held the wonder of everything new. I remember long quiet nights in a rocking chair and the smell of baby soap.

Sometimes I wonder if I held my breath, would time stand still in that pause? Could I grab it’s hands and hold tight, stopping it for just one small moment so I could catch up? But time will not wait.

It glides forward, eyes gazing ahead without a glance back, relentless.

Be present.

The sun has melted into the horizon and the moon shines above. The katydids are singing me to sleep tonight.

Summer is fading away.


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Ed: Bryonie Wise

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