Hard to Grasp.

Via Elana Temple
on Aug 25, 2013
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Photo: Mario on Pixoto.

Hard to Grasp

He can no longer support his own weight
yet he tightens his clutch around her hand
She can no longer hold on
yet willpower enables her, for one twelfth of an hour
until she breaks away, falling into the depths below
He feels his heart fall too
Helicopter above searches the mountainous area
recognizes the victim
They come to the rescue
Victim glances below, panics
he glances above, conflicted
A sweaty, tender red gash in his hand
the hand that held hers for five grueling minutes
Memories flash into his head
The day they met
The day he proposed
Their first child
And then suddenly—no hesitation, no contemplation
as he too broke away
into the depths of the canyon below


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Ed: Cat Beekmans


About Elana Temple

Elana Temple is a passionate and perseverant individual with significant interest in international affairs and public relations, eager to enrich her professional skills as a communicator. Elana is an ex-pat living in Belgrade, Serbia, with her college honeypot. Connect with Elana here.


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