Neurology & Sacred Trees: What’s the Connection?

Via Eric Klein
on Aug 15, 2013
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Your innate creative/spiritual essence is beyond words.

It is best described in images and metaphors: a magic lamp, a burning bush, a healing fountain, a holy grail.

An image I love is that of the wish tree. What is the wish tree?

The wish tree is an image of your creative potential. In the language of science, the wish tree symbolizes your neurological potential.

Remember the Buddha seated under the Bodhi Tree? Well, you’re seated under the sacred tree of your own neurology.

Every experience you have, from the darkest mood to the most elevated revelation, is the fruit of this inner wish tree: your neurology.

Your nervous system has the capacity to resonate with the most sublime, creative, sacred states of wisdom. Your neurological wish tree can bring forth the fruits of peace, love, and abundance.

But not if it’s left untended.

Your wish tree needs tending.

It won’t produce the fruit of wisdom on its own; it will continue to bring forth the patterns of the past.

Here’s how it works: The experiences that you are having today are the fruits of past cultivation. These experiences will continue—unless you cultivate a new dream.

In the words of Rick Hanson, Ph.D. “You can use your mind to change your brain to change your mind.”

You can cultivate wisdom, peace, bliss.

You can dream a new dream.

Or you can continue to dream the dreams of the past. It’s truly a matter of cultivation, choice, and practice.

Develop the meditation habit and harvest the wisdom of your inner wish tree.

What are the fruits of the past that you want to continue cultivating?
What new states of mind/heart do you want to cultivate?

Share your wisdom in the comments below.



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