The Power of Love: Introduction. ~ Simone Bogen

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on Aug 17, 2013
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Expanding your yoga practice involves moving beyond the asanas.

Those who are into any form of yoga know that the practice goes much beyond that which can be conveyed through the images—for yoga also means health, vitality, a positive and more balanced approach to life, and to some, a path to spiritual knowledge and meditation.

In these posts I have shared a few experiences that belong to this last aspect—the spiritual practice of yoga—which are, in fact, the very roots of this ancient tradition.

The following excerpts are from The Power of Love – Returning to the Source, by Simone Bogen.


The reflections shared in this book have at their core a certain kind of love, the love we can attain from a connection with the Divine. Though not a conscious choice at first, having spiritual love as a subject emerged as the writing developed, almost as a sign to be followed.

Despite the innumerable crises we face today and the various connotations the very word “God” carries, we live in an incredible time for experiencing the power and beauty of the spiritual realm. It is up to us to rediscover the heart within the spirit, and by doing so, to learn how a direct relationship with the One remembered as the Mystery of mysteries becomes possible.

Most of us have our own concepts when it comes to the Divine. We have been thinking, listening and talking about him for ages.

Yet, after so many years of teaching meditation, I have heard few people talking about spiritual attainments or inner fulfillment.

The exploration and sharing you will find in the next pages tries to bridge this gap. It is based on the perspective of Raja Yoga meditation, a practice that benefits mind and body, while opening up subtle channels in the soul. This is a method rooted in ancient Indian philosophy yet with a contemporary bent that makes it very practical and accessible to people of any age and culture.

I have purposely abstained from quoting complex teachings or academic studies, and have tried my best to share tested tips and yogic experiences which repeatedly return to one common expression. For we have to keep in mind that love is the language spoken by God.

Whenever we use the word yoga we tend to think of physical postures and breathing exercises as these have become almost synonymous with the term. Here, however, the word is used with respect to its roots—in a purely spiritual sense—to mean going beyond the physical aspects of life and reconnecting the inner self with the One.

As we know, high states of consciousness and insights can only be accessed first hand.

Hopefully, experimenting with the various aspects of spiritual knowledge might be of help in facilitating and inspiring the readers to become explorers themselves. For this, we only need genuine interest, some discipline and a clean heart.

By a clean heart I mean letting love and compassion guide our choices, until it becomes a habit. Everything else has been tried, and the more we have grown distant from our truth, the greater the loss we’ve come to feel. It is time for us to experiment with the qualities that belong to our core being, for they can, in turn, lift us to the highest orb of Light—to the very Source which fills the soul with light and love.

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About Simone Bogen

Simone Boger is a Brazilian freelance writer and yogini, and author of ‘The Power of Love ~ Returning to the Source’. She has lived and worked for many years in India as a news journalist. She began her spiritual journey early, having practiced and taught meditation for the past 28 years. Her previous book—The Cycle of Time—explores the links between ancient history and spirituality, and can be accessed on her website.


One Response to “The Power of Love: Introduction. ~ Simone Bogen”

  1. Das says:

    Raja yoga should get us to a place where nothing but love and compassion flows from us As in the quote "my cup runneth over" All yogas (paths) are aimed at the end result of abiding in the Self. It is good to see so many people turning this way.