August 16, 2013

The Power of Love: Open the Door to Relationships. ~ Simone Boger

From a spiritual perspective, close relationships are never casual encounters.

Whoever we meet in our daily lives has a good chance of being an old companion, and our being together in the present often has to do with the continuation of a hidden plot. The more we get in touch with our inner selves, the easier it becomes to discern the deeper meaning of our close relationships and to understand why we may tend to attract a particular type of person or find ourselves in patterns that keep repeating.

We also sense that the more stable we are in our highest selves and the more connected with God, the more we are able to live and express our best qualities with others.

Like other traits we are born with, the intensity and depth of our feelings is unique to ourselves as individuals and is connected with a past that we cannot see or understand. Our lives are designed in such a way as to always offer us opportunities to express our positive potential and to develop and grow whatever is lacking.

However, our purest feelings often happen to be blocked by inner traumas or weaknesses we know little about, as they have their roots in our subconscious minds.

These may in turn become blockages on the path of spiritual development and realization. We all have singular stories behind what are seen externally as limitations, and this calls for greater compassion and respect in relation to ourselves and others.

People are never only the image they project, and the tip of the iceberg is a good image for the stories we unknowingly carry. Nature is wise in that we are only aware of what is needed in order to deal with present issues.

However, we have to keep in mind that this is a period of spiritual awakening, and our hidden aspects will naturally be made conscious in some way or another.

When it comes to the subject of love, we all respond to the simple truth that love begets love.

It is in the expression of spontaneous affection and positivity that our feelings can expand and the beat of love can return to our hearts.

It is therefore of immense help if we do not fear but instead try to understand what needs to be cleared and healed in relation to our innermost feelings. As we make the effort to bring light to whatever is unconscious or unclear, we begin to experience that quality or power that resurfaces from the ashes of old traits and attitudes.

For example, there may be strength or determination beneath anger. Healing means realizing that there are mental habits that get in the way of our happiness and removing those blocks we´ve been using as false or temporary props so that there is mental space for our pure energy to flow again. We need that mental space, otherwise old thoughts and mental attitudes will always find a way of interrupting inner growth.

So, the more we genuinely accept that there is something to be changed, the more we will find help and support coming our way. To heal whatever is hurting or missing in the self we will need courage and spiritual assistance. This is a lifetime journey, yet one which is always rewarding.

Becoming spiritually awakened is an ongoing process that has to do with having a rich inner life and having our capacity of giving expanded to benefit others.

By connecting our minds with the One, our hearts begin to heal, for we finally have a permanent and stable source of love and support. Sharing then becomes a means of increasing our happiness and fortune.


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Assistant Ed: Dana Gornall

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