August 4, 2013

Turtle Seeking New Shell. ~ Arthur Murray

Looking for a Moving Experience?

Sometimes the grass is greener somewhere else.

That’s why so many people move each year. But how can you make sure the turf in your new destination is greener instead of meaner?

All it takes is a little information, like that gathered for the Top 10 Places to Move in the U.S. infographic (see below).

The work started with the 10 cities that have added the most people since the 2010 census.

Here are some of the findings:

  • A gallon of milk costs $2.72, on average, in Phoenix. It costs $4.80 in New York City.
  • The Valley of the Sun doesn’t fare so well, however, when it comes to sales tax. In Phoenix, you pay 9.3%, while in Charlotte, N.C.,  the rate is 7.25%.
  • Young at heart? Austin, Texas, had the largest percentages of residents under 30, with 47.8%. In New York, meanwhile, only 40.9% of the population is younger than that age.

After ranking all 10 cities on factors such as rent, home value, transportation, the cost of living and fun, the best place to move is … Denver.

The Mile High City scored well in every category but excelled in living costs; cheap, domestic draft beer was a factor and transportation—short commutes and a good public system.

Getting the itch to move? See how other popular cities stack up. You’ll find some of the usual suspects but also some surprises.

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Assist Ed: Andie Britton-Foster/Ed: Bryonie Wise

Infographic courtesy of: HomeownersInsurance.com

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