September 25, 2013

5 Secrets of the Ever-Ready Bunny. ~ Rhonda Travis

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There are a few secrets that once known, can all but guarantee the results we most desire from our lives.

I’m about to share strategic information that demonstrates how to develop and harness the energy within. As an added bonus, double the fun by streaming this bio-available energy towards the most ideal outcome.

It sounds too good to be true, but with all likelihood if we can undertake these measures in earnestness, success is close at hand.

Here are 5 tips worth integrating into our daily lives.

1. We all should become aware of energy leakages/blockages in our general circuitry.

It is important to recognize that we operate not only as a physical being but we also contain aspects of a physiological, emotional and spiritual energy.

If any of these capacities are not fully developed, or even a single aspect is compromised (even though we don’t know it), there will be a corresponding energy leak or block in the overall system.

No matter how much attention we lavish on developing a limited scope of good practices, i.e. healthy eating, adequate sleep/rest and/or regular exercise— there will remain some power loss that is preventing us from achieving full charge and accessing our full potential.

2. Boundaries are those intangible things we place around ourselves to protect us from external harm.

In this way they are useful to us by acting as a barrier to promote our safety. Boundaries are also erected internally to limit the energy we permit ourselves to expend toward the outside world.

Boundaries include things like turning off our computer screens, cell phones, as well as avoiding consumption of empty calories, limiting caffeine and alcohol. An example of an inner boundary is saying “no” (without guilt) when someone is asking something of us that is not in line with our self-needs.  There are many reasons why people have excessively permeable internal or external boundaries.

Many people also demonstrate excessively rigid boundaries (i.e. over defensiveness) in certain areas only to compensate with extremely lax boundaries in others. Any combination of these mechanisms can occur, however in all of these examples, the resulting imbalance taxes our energy reserves.

3. Knowing how to recharge our batteries is crucial for maximizing power retention. 

If we recharge frequently but superficially (think about your Ni-Cad. battery recharger), eventually the charge won’t hold.We need to learn how to recharge at a much deeper level. This requires going beyond the mere physical plane and entering into a much deeper realm.

This sounds good, but how is this achieved? It’s actually very simple, but not so easy.  First, we must begin to slow down and then ultimately stop our ever-thinking minds that drive us to distraction and pull our energy endlessly outwards. Next, we must find a way inward to connect directly with our own internal power source. A regular meditation practice will achieve this. It is a practical skill that may be acquired in numerous ways.

Yoga offers an 8-limbed path to progressively develop this skill. In addition, mindfulness through breath awareness is a simple tool that when practiced, may be integrated into every life action as a means of greater self-awareness.

In mindfulness practices, we are constantly pausing the mind in order to go behind the active thinking process and witness each moment from a place of stillness.

This quiet space is pure consciousness, as it exists at the core of our being. Over time, our self-awareness becomes highly refined so that the clouding effect caused by old thought patterns and memories is dissolved. Upon having eliminated this filter that obscures reality, we are then free to encounter each moment with greater clarity.

4. The concept of completely giving ourselves over completely to an action is an act of ‘doing’ for its own sake rather than for any gain or particular expectation of outcome.

Acts of compassion (even simple ones) are examples of this type of self-less giving. We may also find this experience of selfless-ness through total absorption with an event that draws us fully into a single point of mental and physical focus.

Through full absorption with action, there is self-integration, such that all internal operating systems are working in unity. This naturally results in perfect and fully synchronized action. We see this evidenced in great works of all art forms as well as in science. All inception of new thought including scientific discovery utilizes creativity, which operates through this very mechanism.

In any of these endeavors, we become a vessel for all our energy to stream forward in perfect resonance without expectation or attachment to outcome. Acting with total faith and commitment entails complete fearlessness, (i.e. having no self-doubt) and letting go of all ego-needs. Moving steadily forward in answer to our unique life direction is the only correct path and there can be no failure resulting from the correct path.

This deep, spiritual connectivity acknowledges that there exists something greater than us, compelling us forward so that whatever action is taken will provide the perfect outcome.

5. Not to be understated is the amount of sustenance we gain from a support network.

We can find this on a group level, as in a supportive community with like-minded individuals all working towards the greater good, each in their own way. Additionally, there is a significant power boost through a relationship with an intimate soul mate that offers validation of our true nature.

Deeply embedded within this category of one-to-one support lies a very profound level of provision for recharging. This may be thought of as supercharging. This practice is experienced as a rare form of intimate connection that cannot be easily described with words.

If we are asked “How’s your sex life?” there are a variety of positive responses indicating satisfaction, ranging from “pretty good” to “great.” However none of these responses are conducive to conveying “sublime” energy.

I am referring to such intimacy where we bare our naked soul and become fully exposed and vulnerable through this act. In doing so, we release all conscious restraint which permit us to experience falling back, as though through time and space straight into the center of our “Self.” I believe this type of intimacy may be rare, perhaps because it can only be shared with someone whom we have complete and total trust in.

We must be willing to risk everything to open up our very core to another being and fully expose our soul. This deep, intimate and spiritual level of sexuality is extremely powerful.

Supercharging in this manner can result in unleashing our Divine potential. It is possible to dissolve all self-limiting barriers so that all that remains for living life is what lies at the deepest core of our Self.

If we’ve ever felt that there are things we have yet to accomplish in our lives, but we’ve just not had enough of ‘something’ available to get the job done, my advice is to begin by ignoring the obvious barriers like time and money, put forth the effort and proceed straight to looking deeper inward.

What we may discover is that we have yet to fully recharge our battery by penetrating to the depth of our souls.

Adding these five tips to our current strategies for ‘maxing out’ on life fulfillment will empower us to look back over our shoulder at the Ever-Ready Bunny as we give him a nod, a wink, and leave him in the dust.


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