September 4, 2013

Art of Yoga. ~ Molly Cranch

I began these paintings as a means to understand the form, structure, and energetic nature of various yoga poses.

In the midst of completing my 200-hour yoga teacher training, I decided to embark upon this “study” to help me process all of the information I was learning.

It turns out that I really enjoyed making them, and in doing so, I also broke out of my own perception of myself as a nonfigurative painter.

The figures in these paintings are meant to be structurally correct, yet unspecific. They are gestural, reflecting a moment in time. The colors in these paintings are subtle, with selected areas of intensity.

Visualizing color during yoga and meditation can help to focus and soothe the mind, and it is something that I often do. Although everyone has their own subjective response to color, hopefully I am able to convey mine through the paintings.

Yoga has taught me a great deal, and has evolved with me through many different phases in life. I am sharing these paintings in gratitude for the gift of yoga.

Balance 6 x 6 Unison 18 x 24 Reach 6 x 12 Seated, 8 x 8 Trust, 6 x 8 Remember, 10 x 20 Extend, 6 x 12 Focus 11 x 14 Radiate 8 x 8 Twist, 6 x 8

These paintings are currently on exhibit at Bloom Yoga Studio, located at 4663 N. Rockwell in Chicago, Illinois. The original paintings and prints can also be viewed or purchased online here.

All Paintings copyright by Molly Cranch, 2013.

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Assistant Ed: Judith Andersson / Ed: Catherine Monkman

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Read 5 comments and reply

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