How to Remedy a Funky Day.

Via Krista Katrovas
on Sep 8, 2013
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Make Good Art

We’ve all been there.

Someone’s “pissed in your Wheaties,” or killed your a buzz, or you simply woke up bluesy—and not in a B.B King way, but rather, I must play Nina Simone kind of way, with the need to hear “Mississippi God Damn,” only replace Mississippi with whatever else might be creating the blues for you.

We only need to remember, on those days when it’s hard to roll out our yoga mats, to obey these three simple words (though I must add, because I’m a yogini, it doesn’t have to be good, just make art) and in the meantime, you might feel a little better.

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Ed: Sara Crolick


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(BA, MFA, E-RYT) has dedicated herself to the practice, study and teaching of yoga since discovering it in 1999 after dancing rigorously as a dance major in college. Krista has had nearly 30 articles on Yoga, Wellness, and Spirituality published in nationally regulated magazines. She has taught Yoga in Prague every July since 2009 and has been sought to teach in Canada, Virginia, Kentucky, and Florida, and more recently, Kuwait (though she declined the generous offer to teach in Kuwait). She calls Kalamazoo, MI home, where she teaches Yoga, Shamanic Yoga, Meditation, and offers Spiritual guidance. This year Krista will be training in the Prison Yoga Project, and will help to bring more yoga to Prisons. Visit her website.


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