I Sat in the Bath & I Murdered You. ~ Nicola Sothern {Poem}

Via Nicola Sothern
on Sep 25, 2013
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Francesca Woodman, tired, fed up, dreaming, bath, sleepless, breathe, rest, peace

I sat in the bath and I murdered you

I lost your smell and gave away your laugh
I cut off your warmth
and left your humour behind

I didn’t want your wisdom or insight so
I dropped them off too
And while I was at it I tore away
The memory of your weight

Your beautiful skin could not save itself
So I forgot about it
Along with your hairy armpit
And that scent of a day worth doing

I sat in the bath and I murdered you.

My mind could not support any thought of you
Out in that darkness
weaving your laughter through conversations
Penetrating the silences with your shine

I sat in the bath and I murdered you.

I took down my head against your chest—
I ripped away your pulling me towards you—
I pounded the air from your kiss
Against my forehead

I covered up your amused eyes
As I tripped over the old battered mat
And I seized upon my early morning despair
Like a poor swimmer would reach for land

I sat in the bath and I murdered you.

I assaulted any beauty left untouched
Scattered the ashes of you and I
Standing before our families
To announce our family

I took my feelings for everyone else
Stacked them beside you and admired your tower
I kicked the force out of your serious eyes
And drowned the love I found there

I cried your touch close to me
Until my shameful rage swallowed it
Then it floated
Off gone away from me too


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Ed: Renée Picard


About Nicola Sothern

Nicola Sothern is a 29 year old living in Dublin and working as a barrister. She loves all of the very best things in life; music, books, films and food. Having spent time travelling South East Asia, North, Central and South America she hopes to get to India in the next year and learn more about the spiritual side to yoga. She has recently started writing poetry after years of scribbling short stories with varying degrees of worth and is currently working on her first novel, The Weight of Your Words, which she hopes to finish by Christmas if shiny things and parties stop distracting her.


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