I’m Triggered: Fear Foods, Part 2. ~ Karen Forman & Nicole Dalton {Video}

Via Karen Forman & Nicole Dalton
on Sep 18, 2013
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Watch Part One of I’m Triggered: Fear Foods here.

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Assist. Ed: Jade Belzberg/Ed: Bryonie Wise


About Karen Forman & Nicole Dalton

Karen Forman and Nicole Dalton began their creative journey together dancing at The Sweat Spot in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. While cultivating a love of dance they soon realized they also shared a love of all things psychological. They are both actresses—Karen has a background in social work and Nicole is writing her thesis for the masters in counseling at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Their videos are inspired by actual conversations that have taken place between the two of them and they are grateful for the opportunity to laugh at themselves and thrilled that others are laughing with them. They also have a Facebook fan page to boost their self esteem.


2 Responses to “I’m Triggered: Fear Foods, Part 2. ~ Karen Forman & Nicole Dalton {Video}”

  1. anna says:

    hahahahah this is the best thing I've seen in a while!! THANK YOU

  2. Nicole says:

    Dear Anna,

    We are thrilled that you enjoyed our video and we find humor to be very therapeutic.
    Stayed for our new video's.

    Abundance of love,
    Donna and Leslie