September 17, 2013

Jyotish {Vedic} Horoscopes for the Week of 9.16.

Moon waxing and transits Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and into Aries.

Full Moon on 9.19 at 06:13 CDT. Full Moon is in Pisces in PurvaBhadrapada nakshatra. Key words for the Full Moon and waning cycle ahead: tapas, purification, Shiva, creative movement, changes and shifts, balancing act, endings, renewal. Just in time for fall equinox on 9.22.

“The moon has become a dancer at this festival of love.”

~ Rumi

The week starts with Sun sandhi (in the gap) moving into Virgo at 13:08 CDT on 9.16, joining exalted Mercury there. Watch for heated thoughts, spiced mental activity and acuity as well as mental growth. It’s the tight conjunction of Rahu, Saturn and Venus in Libra that is causing a lot of changes, calamities, wild swings between extremes and a dance of balance—literally. This week, Rahu and Saturn are within a degree a part and Venus crosses Saturn directly on 9.18.

The pressure and storms of Rudra are increasing.

Storm season is in full effect—especially with water and its natural movement. Rahu and Saturn’s conjunction in Libra with Venus (who is jala/water) are connected to Rudra-the storm god. All three planets are also in Swati nakshatra (ruled by the wind god Vayu and planet Rahu), creating storms, movement with water and ultimately intense house cleaning. With Mars still debilitated in the water sign of Cancer (and aspecting Libra), this heightens issues with water.

Ketu is also in Bharani nakshatra ruled by Venus—so a lot of water is present in the planets right now; water that is ultimately clearing and purifying. The winds of Vayu can disrupt Vata dosha. There is a tendency towards constipation, gas, pranic disturbances, water retention etc. as well as issues with reproductive and digestive organs. Be especially conscious of your consumption of drugs, alcohol, excess sugar and stimulants right now.

All of this water element present in the planets may be quite uncomfortable, so have a life vest handy. We are witnessing Nature express these storms (Rudra) externally through rains/flooding in CO etc. But on the internal landscape, many of us are feeling the emotional weather effects as well.

Water and emotions are one and the same so one can predict clouds, floods, rains, thunder and lightening internally also. As my mentor put it “the Saturn/Rahu/Venus conjunction is creating a stellar opportunity to face demons [rakshasas]…the strong winds are cracking stuff loose in the most positive way and Lakshmi’s broom is sweeping it away.”

We can see that this is necessary movement and change (albeit uncomfortable), clearing and cleaning- both internally and externally.

This is a time to use your sharpest, most effective tools. Yagyas, energy work, meditation, good routine, dance/yoga, appeasing Saturn, creating with art etc. will all go a long way to help you weather the storms. If we can see the cleansing as positive and ultimately useful, it will help transform our attitude towards the effects, but don’t be complacent.

Water = creativity/creation energy. This week: Turn on your faucet and create, create, create!!

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your “Western Sign” as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Aries: A circle is closing this week. Maybe some healing you didn’t even know you needed will help bring clarity and insights. Business is booming, just remember not all of your relationships are business related. Remember your soft side and let your guard down sometimes. Shift out of neutral and/or overdrive and put it into reverse. Temper greed and bad habits.

Taurus: Work on healing and restoring balance with friendships and enemies. Pay attention to your gut and digestion. Insights will come from the unknown—spend time alone for deeper awareness. Brave emotional work is necessary at this time. Gain comfort from high level conversation. Belly massage can be helpful.

Gemini: Your job is growth and expansion, opening to new possibilities and ideas. Using the emotional discomfort for creative activation is crucial, though likely you are experiencing stomach upset and acid reflux from it. Trust this transformational process, but ask gurus, guides and teachers for support and get wisdom from higher knowledge. Doors from the past are opening.

Cancer: The rivers and currents are moving and flowing within. Structures, patterns and shapes are shifting, causing change. Do you move with the tides or are you resisting? Transformation will be easier if you build a life raft and float with the water. Notice where you have built dams. This week is about release and letting go- from your depths.

Leo: Seek royal comforts and communication with the hidden and unknown realms. New insights come from gurus, guides and higher knowledge. Courageous creation and excavation of the emotional currents is necessary for progress. Get a foot massage.

Virgo: Your soul is emerging this week out of darkness and the Sun begins a new cycle for you. You attract more light now, but shining this light into the dark places is both valuable and important. Relationships are giving comfort and cravings as well as confusion and disruption. Your efforts and work are best spent on you and your growth. Bring awareness to your desires and cravings.

Libra: You are feeling the pressure head on. Bad relationship habits, struggles with food and toxic behaviors may be surfacing. This is a time to reach out for support from trusted sources—don’t go at it alone. Issues from the past are coming to light and the process is likely uncomfortable. Remember, all you have to lose is your ego. Get a head massage and mind your gut.

Scorpio: Old, outworn patterns are ending. Support from unknown realms and mystics arrive. Soul excavation and exorcism are top priority for necessary change. Who and what is invited to stay? Who and what is being forced to leave? Gains from friends, older siblings and career desires are possible.

Sagittarius: Emotional depths are moving you and cause discomfort. It takes courage to surrender to the currents. Some old desires are strong. Be courageous in tending and attending to them. Self care is non-negotiable. Put your health and well being first even if career demands your full focus. You are all you’ve got.

Capricorn: Changes and movement are strong in your house of career. There may be some comfort and support, though likely you don’t feel like you can trust it. Part of you is reaching a boiling point—are you overdoing it as usual? Stop. Drop. And roll. Communicating your needs effectively will go a long way with relationships. Protect your knees and stay flexible.

Aquarius: Communicate with other realms- outer and inner. Courageously work with the unknown. Ask for help with your dharma. Communicate your needs more effectively with gurus, teachers and father. Tackle bad habits related to lack of emotional perception. Don’t try to philosophize your way out—feel your way out instead.

Pisces: The portals of the past are flung wide open. Support may feel unavailable or unreliable. There is some unmasking work to do around your many personas. Remember, your work does not define who you are. Do you know who you are without all the labels? This requires a new level of expression and way of relating to others. Strip off the old.

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Ed: Sara Crolick

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