September 24, 2013

Jyotish {Vedic} Horoscopes for the Week of 9.23.

Moon is waning (dark half) and transits Taurus, Gemini and Cancer this week.

Moon is in its sign of exaltation the 23rd to 25th and in its own sign of Cancer 29th to 30th. Aim towards flourishing and thriving this week with deep surrender.

Mercury is sandhi (in the gap/weak degrees) until late in the week and moves out of its sign of exaltation and into Libra on the 9.24 where it joins Rahu, Saturn and Venus there. Mars is currently sandhi in Cancer (its sign of debilitation). Mental/emotional tension, sensitivity, confusion and exhaustion are possible. Remember your self-care.

Saturn and Rahu are in tight conjunction in Libra this week and collide in exact degrees on 9.25 with Mercury and Venus in Libra at that time as well. Four planets here will increase the energetics of Libra and will increase the movement and momentum with communications, mental activities and functions, commerce, business and trade.

Rahu, Saturn and Mercury are in Swati nakshatra right now, ruled by the wind god, Vayu. The winds of change are blowing. Venus is now in Vishaka nakshatra. Expect increases, expansion and changes with alliances, support systems, relationships and business. This is a time of storm energy, “cleaning house” so to speak, forced change for better or worse. Spread your wings and surrender to the winds. See my articles on Rahu and Saturn in Libra for further details.

Tap into your creative impulses and utilize your creation potential with this week’s Jyoti/Expressive Art Therapy Creative Engagement Activity. Creative Engagement Activity for the week of 9.23.

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your “Western Sign” as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Aries: Speak, communicate, express, voice, sing. Tell the universe your desires and needs, then shout them from the top of the mountain. Get bold about what you attract and what you think you deserve. Use this time for a mental/emotional paradigm shift. Clean the pysche so there is room for a new reality and new relationships.

Taurus: Being in service of the Self is important for your healing, growth and expansion. Seva for the soul. Find your healthy boundary set point—likely uncharted territory up until now. What is it that you are longing for and what is the hole that needs to be filled? Keep digging below the earth. Plant some seeds.

Gemini: Be the beginner, the student, the child. Witness with eyes wide open in awe and excitement. Connect, communicate and create. Expand and trust your passionate inner realms. Find that missing piece this week. Trust the process.

Cancer: Heart is softening, changing and getting a chamber cleaning. Expand, contract. Inhale, exhale. Stand still, step forward. Work with needs and wants, hurts and haunts. Stay low to the ground, feet in cool soil. Ground with earth energy. All love flows to the self.

Leo: Effort, bravery, courage, will power, creativity and the hands, bring success and potential to you. You are likely feeling some comfort in your actions—say it loud and proud. But what holds you back still? Who and what continues to outshine you? Will the ego set you back or step you forward?

Virgo: Do not shut down your powerful voice and the need to communicate! Seek comfort and create what you need. Though internal rumblings from your dark depths and hidden realms continue to bring illumination and fears to the surface, use this dragon fire to spark something. You are losing some naivete. Enjoy it.

Libra: Head clearing or head pressure? Endings or beginnings? Charge forward or slow down and rest? You are in the thick of storm season and life’s drama is casting you as their main character. All you have to do is use your surrender button. Let go, let God. Breathe.

Scorpio: You are trying to reconcile with these feelings of being hidden, feeling alone, the unknown and uncertain. The life long complaints. You seek true community, companionship, expansion of self and your efforts to finally pay off, but fear it simultaneously. Let some magic in this week and let go of some misery. Seek to attract what you are repulsed by.

Sagittarius: Gains, friendships, children, and decisions are going through transformations. Is your intelligences spot on or spot off- or both? Social interactions will increase this week but may leave you feeling drained and unsatisfied. What are you really craving for your life and how can you maximize your shine from the inside out?

Capricorn: A week of maximum flow, maximum activation, maximum potential. What is holding you back from realizing your maximum? Who? What? What continues to go unseen is your greatest enemy. Expand what is possible.

Aquarius: Less philosophizing, more embodiment. Less mental body, more physical. Less focus on action and achievement, more surrender to the emotions. Less looking to others, more looking within. Pick up your paint brush.

Pisces: Debts, losses, transformations have blown in their haunts. Much of what has been hidden to you is painfully revealing itself. This is a time where blinders are getting ripped off. The only thing to lose is the known. The only thing to gain is moksha.

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Ed: Sara Crolick

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