September 2, 2013

On a Good Day. ~ Nicole Markardt

There are certain days, as the sun rises, restlessness sets it.

Instantly, just like that, I am in a place of discontent. The sun rises, as it does everyday and this new cycle finds life pulling at me.

Dissatisfaction. Doubt. They creep in, unrelenting. There are prickly and push my buttons, like the sound of a leaky faucet that won’t let silence enter the room. On these days, everything pushes my buttons; they are connected and fully charged. My sensitivities are heightened, self doubt, fear, guilt have all attached themselves to my being. The day has not yet begun and it is dark. I begin to think about the good days.

What are they like?

On a good day…

I breathe deeply as I begin.

The sunshine is nourishing and I’m awestruck by its immense power over our entire planet.

On a good day, the moonlight is cleansing.

Its inherent silvery shimmer, reflective of starlight, is a catalyst for the realization of my hopes and dreams.

On a good day, I forgive them. All of them.

I see that they are cracked just as I am and I may even love them.

On a good day, I’m wide awake to my higher purpose and I know exactly why I chose to be here.

On a good day, I am present. I breathe in each moment with sheer gratitude for the miracle in every beat of my beautiful heart.

On a good day, I am satisfied. Whatever comes, I love that.

Whatever comes, I become that.

The push and pull is easy and I a want all that I have.

On a good day, I’m not selfish.

I am self-less and have more to give. It feels natural to give and there’s enough. There’s more.

On a good day, I am worthy.

I am lovable and I know that I have everything I’ll ever need inside of own heart.

I am the one I’ve been looking for and I’m enough.

On a good day, I cherish my own heart and I am not careless with the heart of another.

I am free. I belong to no one but I want to give myself to everyone

On a good day, I am love.

Juicy, brilliant, humble, all—consuming love that is silently at peace. There is an endless well of this love inside of my eternal soul.

I will never run out.

On a good day, the shipwreck of broken dreams and heart break has its purpose and its gifts. I am grateful for all of it. I know I’m alive and my pain is glorious. It has made me strong and humble. It has helped me see myself and others.

On a good day, we are all the same.

On a good day, I see with higher vision and into the heart of every being.

I am overwhelmed by the depths of the human spirit.

We are one and on a good day, it is all so clear.

On a good day, my babies are a miracle and carrying them inside of me is a reality that envelops me with every breath that they take.

On a good day, I’m not too busy, too cranky or too caught up in my “self” to notice any of it.

On a good day, I let it all out never to return. I let in. I let go.

On a good day…

I seek nothing. I am nothing. No. Thing. I am not attached to any idea of any “one”

On a good day, I’m passionate and beautiful because I am a child of the universe as we all are.

On a good day, I hear. I see. I love.

On a good day I am more than this body.

On a good day, I am living in a sea of waking dreams.

Thinking of these days brings hope; hope that I can remember what we often forget- that our true nature is peace, love, and joy.  There is darkness, but we are light.  We must surrender to it.  If we cannot, we will again. It is always inside of us.

On a good day…

We remember.

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Assistant Editor: Gabriela Magana/Editor: Sara Crolick

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