September 19, 2013

The Universe Wants the Best for Us. ~ Sarah McMurray

There is nothing wrong with our lives.

Who we are in this moment, right now, as is, is wonderful and perfect. Flawed with authenticity and value—people trying our best, just like everyone else.

The media tells us that we need great sex, perfect relationships and more adventures for life to be worthwhile. The people we idolize are the adventurers, the risk-takers and the story-worthy celebrities. What is so different about their life than ours? Nothing really. They go to work, they have friends and family, they celebrate life’s joys and learn from life’s struggles. So why do we feel like we’re lacking when we read their stories in magazines and books?

I’ve been a woman who plays it safe most of my life.

Even though my biggest desire has been to be a freelance creative, I’ve always opted for jobs with “security” where I knew I would be paid, having benefits and counting on someone else to provide my employment.

Finally a few months ago I took a leap of faith to follow my dream as an artist, a writer and a creative teacher and dove headfirst into the world of freelancing. As a 30-something woman, I finally realized if I don’t take a leap towards my dreams now, I’m just losing time that I could have following my art.

Our stories matter.

They carry us from moment-to-moment—ordinary to extraordinary, the constant ebb and flow of what it means to breathe and expand in this life. The pang of envy we feel when someone else’s life looks more appealing than our own is simply our wake-up call to check in with our self—does this life suit me now? What needs to change? What do I want and need? How can I contribute to the world?

It’s been two months since I let go of the expectations I had for my life—the things I felt I needed to do/be to have an extraordinary existence.

I quit my big title job as the executive director of a non-profit because it lacked the creativity and passion I felt for the arts and I knew my dream was finally worth it, despite the fear I felt by taking such a risk in our small town economy at this time. I slowed down, cutting down to a part time job to cover the basics while I allowed myself to give to life in a way that felt right for me—to be my own kind of adventurer—a freelance creative, telling stories through art and words.

It looks different than that what others call the “perfect” life—but it’s mine and it’s perfectly wonderful.

I’m learning that the universe does, in fact, want the best for us, and when we choose our own adventure so to speak, in proportion to owning our desires and embracing or fearing the potential of our dreams, we create space for community to grow.

As we expand, release and let the boundaries of our life flow, we meet people who inspire, challenge and support us along the way.

I’ve been lucky to have an incredible group of people surround my dreams and offer to help by providing space for me to teach art classes, to work in the arts industry part time while I build my business. In the collaboration of creative communities, I discovered my purpose is more than how to make an income, but also, to show up in relationships with others and support their dreams as well, and in doing so we change the world together.

Each morning I get up with purpose knowing I get to make someone’s day more beautiful, to create art and to write and to empower others to create a life that turns them on as well. I’m not jet-setting anywhere fancy—yet—but my days are overflowing with what matters most—community, laughter, joy and creativity that allows me to be myself.

This is our wake-up call—life is a grand adventure even in the simple things.

Some of my favorite moments are gathering around the dinner table with candles and wine, and a fabulous group of people who have chosen the non-conventional life, to chase and create dreams and to live their own adventure in a way that fits them individually. Each story and life is as beautiful and magical as the next if we choose to see it’s beauty.

The adventure in life, as we know it now, is that we can choose to be grateful for what it is and see it as a magical place on our journey, or we can use it as fuel to create something we know deep down is more authentically what we need and desire—a bigger adventure.

There is no one perfect way to go through life, but the real magic comes from owning our dreams and desires and creating our lives around them—like my own recent leap into the world of full time art.

It’s never too late to go after our dream—our playing small does nothing—for us or for the world.

We need dreams, beauty, and bravery in the global community, owning our desire for something more than being stagnant will inspire others to do the same. This is the moment—it’s never going to be perfect, or just right for that one wild and crazy dream, so we might as well jump in with the dreamers and try something new.

What can each of us do today to embrace life as it is right now—to celebrate the little things and to take small steps toward that dream that has been haunting us for too long?

I believe in your dream.

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