This is the Truest, Most Honest Love. {Video}

Via Catherine Monkman
on Sep 10, 2013
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couple in field

Imagine the kind of love these two share when, after surgery, this man doesn’t remember a thing and sees his wife for the first time—he thinks he’s won the lottery.

Would we choose our loves all over again, if our memory was wiped clean?

Would we see them once again as the most perfect thing we’ve ever come across?

More importantly, if we aren’t waking up each and every day telling the person we love most how we feel, the way this man has told his wife, why not?

Let’s remember (and remind him or her) we’re in love.


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About Catherine Monkman

Catherine Monkman is a shy, friendly Canadian living in a small house with her two nearly-perfect children, two kitties and two goofy dogs. Cat spends her free time reading, growing vegetables and cooking them, traveling, and learning life lessons courtesy of and along with her family. Cat began contributing as a typo vigilante and now eagerly serves as an editor, writer, and student of the mindful life.


10 Responses to “This is the Truest, Most Honest Love. {Video}”

  1. caro says:

    I laughed outloud at this – thanks for sharing. So cute.

  2. Linda Wells says:

    Yes, to be in love (or like) with new eyes every day! Something to remember each time we encounter our beloved… or at least every morning. The secret to a long, happy relationship?

  3. Isabelle says:

    What a strange idea to film your long time husband when he wakes up from surgery!!!

  4. debi says:

    I have been a nurse for a long time. Never have I seen a patient wake up from surgery and not remember their spouse unless, they had some pre-existing cognitive deficit. I thing we are being played…..And, by the way, what kind of hospital allows a patient to eat a cracker lying down post op????

  5. doublezebra says:

    I agree. Seems fake. Then again I'm a ice-hearted cynic, so maybe that's just me.

  6. Cat B says:

    Thanks for your comments!

  7. Cat B says:

    Thanks for commenting Linda. Yes, it could very well be the secret!

  8. Cat B says:

    Hah, you`re right! Thanks for commenting Isabelle!

  9. Cat B says:

    Hi Debi, I guess we'll never know, but thanks for a little insight from an insider! And thanks as well for commenting!

  10. Cat B says:

    Thanks for commenting! It's okay to be cynical sometimes, too!