This Senator Doesn’t Want Us to Talk About Unacceptable Levels. ~ Dana Gornall

Via Dana Gornall
on Sep 18, 2013
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We are becoming more aware of the chemicals in our food and water.

News about GMO’s, polluted waters, and the use of pesticides on our fruits and vegetables have been receiving the limelight and for good reason. Just the words “cancer cluster” are enough to strike fear into anyone.

For some, a cancer cluster may have popped up in your community, which can send many reeling and in search for answers. Are there chemicals in our drinking water? Is most of our food genetically modified? What are the repercussions of consuming these chemicals regularly?

The documentary Unacceptable Levels aims to explore these questions. Film maker Ed Brown is a father on a quest to examine and expose the effects of these chemicals that are ingested by most of us, and our children, daily. His main objective is to prevent disease before it strikes.

Taken from the website promoting this film:

Over 80,000 chemicals flow through our system of commerce, and many are going straight into our bodies. Even our unborn children are affected. Due to this constant exposure, we have approximately Letter from Senator200 synthetic industrial chemicals interacting with our cells every single day. Until recently, modern science really didn’t understand what that could mean for all of us in the long run, but that is changing.

Recently, this film has been under fire from the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works for “featuring emotional and scare tactics” to promote their ideas.

In a letter issued by Senator David Vitter to Dr. Linda S. Birnbaum, Director of the National Institute of Environmental Sciences, questioning her participation in a panel discussion preceding the screening of this film.

“The film’s promotional site reads, ‘Over 80,000 chemicals flow through our system of commerce, and many are going straight into our bodies. Even our unborn children are affected.’

However, NTP claims that out of the more than 80,000 registered chemicals in the United States, ‘relatively few chemicals are thought to pose a significant risk to human health.’

Furthermore, the Centers for Disease Control states that the presence of an environmental chemical in human body fluids does not by itself mean that the chemical causes disease. For these reasons, I believe it is a conflict of interest for you to participate in an activist event such as the “Unacceptable Levels” tour.”

You can see the full letter here.

For screenings and more information about this documentary, please see the film’s website.



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Dana Gornall is a mom of three crazy kids and a dog. She works as a licensed massage therapist in Amherst, Ohio and is a certified sign language interpreter. She is always looking forward to even more personal growth. While not interpreting, doing massage, or being with her family she loves going to yoga. You can connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.


2 Responses to “This Senator Doesn’t Want Us to Talk About Unacceptable Levels. ~ Dana Gornall”

  1. Mrs. Kramer says:

    Sent to 40 US Senators: Quite frankly, Senator Boxer and Ms. Poirier, it is a slap in the public’s face that U.S. legislators would vote to bomb another country for poisoning its people with chemicals; but would allow the continuing bullying, character assassination and intimidation tactics to be used on one of our nation’s premiere toxicologists and others for work to promote accurate science in public health policies. This is not the first time that Dr. Birnbaum has been forced to defend herself and the NIEHS/NTP from unfounded attacks by U.S. legislators.[5]

  2. Joe says:

    How can you glean from the senators words that he doesn’t want anyone to pay attention to what is in their food, or that he is “intimidating” a toxicologist? His words are denouncing the political strategy of the film which is, admittedly, tired.