September 24, 2013

Trust Yourself. ~ Jesse Herriot

“I got this” is one of my favorite affirmations because it reminds us that despite how we are feeling, we have the strength within us to make it through those crucial times.

There are many times in which we feel as if we are on our own when we have to make those important decisions in life. Plus, those feelings of hopelessness and helplessness can cause us to respond to our circumstances out of fear or to freeze up and not respond at all.

Still, if I can be brutally honest, it is normal to feel your heart in your throat when you’re faced with choices that have a huge amount of sway on how your life will unfold.

Even in my own life, I never eat a full breakfast before I have a major speaking engagement!

If we can learn how to trust ourselves by sticking to our raw, gut instincts, we will all realize that before we have one single need, the answer that we are looking for already exists.

We are hardwired, based on our genetics and human evolution, to overcome adversity. The very same body that gives us those somatic messages that this circumstance is scary as shit, can also be the source from which we draw strength, clarity and insight into navigating through those moments I affectionately refer to as SAS (scary-as-shit) moments.

What separates us from that answers that we are seeking is the fear of making the wrong choice.

To be brutally honest, we aren’t always guaranteed that we will be able to make those important “game changing” decisions with a full deck. Those crucial seconds before you answer that phone call, walk into that interview room, pour out your heart to your lover or walk away from a hurt-so-good relationship will scare anyone.

But, it’s at that moment that the charming, suave, smooth-talking, negotiating wizard (or wizardess) that you sometimes envision yourself as, has a chance to come to the surface. So, forget about trying to make the perfect move in every area of your life, take a good look at the hand you were dealt and just make a damn move!

Give yourself the opportunity to earn your own trust and you will find out that you are every bit of the person that you sometimes envision yourself to be, when nobody is watching. You don’t even have to wait on the big decisions to start. You can begin to rely on your own judgment, beginning with the next decision you have to make.

Now this awareness isn’t for the faint-of-heart. There are times, in life, in which it is acceptable to learn from those around you that have expertise in a specific area that you are stuck in.

Yet, at some point, you have to be willing to write your own rules, create your own manual and then test that playbook in real time. And, if you score big, imagine the boost it will give your confidence.

Give yourself a chance to trust yourself, you’ll be surprised at what you will be able to accomplish.

Trust yourself, you got this!

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