What the Fox Say. {Video}

Via Sara Crolick
on Sep 5, 2013
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You know that friend?

The one that gets to be a catch-all for your recently-learned, fun factoids or the random pinteresty-items that you don’t quite know what to do with?

Criteria for that “someone” generally hinges on intelligence, cultural awareness, wit… they just get it.

Get what?


They get it. 

Well, for me, that friend goes by the name Melissa—fellow member of the musician’s wife club, off-the-beaten-path parent of two amazing little humans. She’s funny, articulate, digs science, grammar and other things that are awesome and funny.

Tonight, she returned the favor.

When you get something this magical posted to your Facebook wall at 9:50 pm, you share it. Why? Because you’re probably not the only person in the world who lusts for such knowledge:


You’re welcome.

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Sara Crolick is whiskey in a teacup. She loves elephants, vegetables, vintage typewriters, Audrey Hepburn and the written word, but not necessarily in that order. She raises two inspiring boys with her mister, who is a bona fide music-maker; this works out nicely, as she happens to also love music. You can connect with her via her site, Conversations with a Human Heart, her author page on Facebook and on Twitter, too.


2 Responses to “What the Fox Say. {Video}”

  1. imagineannie says:

    And thus my life is changed……..

  2. Amy Cushing says:

    Awesome…just, awesome!