10 Most Boulder Things I’ve Said. ~ Katrina Kopeck

Via Katrina Kopeck
on Oct 24, 2013
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Boulder Canyon
Boulder Canyon

Every city has its thing that, once you’ve visited or lived there, you can knowingly comment on with a little eye roll.

New Yorkers are a little pushy. Midwesterners are a little doughy. People from L.A. are a little vain. Boulderites are a little naïve—too happy—in a bubble.

For those of you who have never been to our sweet little town of Boulder, it is a strange island of happy, content people who appreciate the sunshine and outdoors, love dogs and Subarus and have a comfortable amount of money.

Because of this invariable Garden of Eden setting, the locals have the space to delve into the subtleties of life, love and relationships. As a new Boulder resident, I’ve started to notice that I’ve already taken on some of this local personality. And here we go!

My top ten favorite Boulder things I’ve said so far:

1. “No, I can’t. My heart chakra is blocked.” —on a date, only mildly joking.

2. “My favorite counterbalance for sore wrists is to rock climb.” —teaching a yoga class.

3. “Who did your dreads?” —at Whole Foods.

See also: “Do you have nutritional yeast?” and “Those charcoal pills made my poop weird,” and “I wish I didn’t teach yoga so I could afford this.”

4. “Mom, she just said that she sings to and performs Reiki on those herbs.” —at the Farmer’s Market.

5. (while crying) “Thank you for—sob—the cookies.” —at Boulder Baked, after finding out I wasn’t able to run the Chicago Marathon.

6. “It’s pronounced kahm-boo-cha.” —on a first and only date.

7. “Do you think that dog knows he’s gluten-free?” —at lululemon athletica.

8. ‘The people here just have more substance, you know? Like they’re just more substantial.” —to a friend in Chicago.

9. “I am so glad I didn’t have my harp in the basement when it flooded,” —after the 100-year flood/invasion of the poop-water.

10. “Hey, after we slackline but before we go into the next yoga class, want to grab some locally-grown food from that truck? We can hula hoop while we’re in line.” —at Hanuman Festival.


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About Katrina Kopeck

Katrina Kopeck is a yoga teacher and writer from Chicago who recently moved to Boulder, Colorado, to learn more about yoga, mountains, granola and dreads. She loves all puppies, most books and a good deal of music. She likes to try things that scare her. The worst thing that can happen is a great story, right? You can find Katrina on Facebook or by following Twitter.


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